Activist Writes UN Over Alleged Unabated, Internalized Killing -By Chief Malcom E. Omirhobo Esq

Chief Malcom E. Omirhobo Esq

Activist Writes UN Over Alleged Unabated, Internalized Killing   -By Chief Malcom E. Omirhobo Esq

Perturbed by the incessant killing of innocent souls in Nigeria, an activist cum lawyer, Chief Malcom Emokiniovo Omirhobo, has cried out to the United Nations on the need to intervene and bring an end to it.

Chief Omirhobo in a letter captioned  Unabated, Internalized, Systematic Institutionalized Genocide in Nigeria, written to António Guterres, the Secretary General of the United Nations, said there is need for the organisation to wake up to its responsibility to save us from the ongoing genocide which is likely to reach its crescendo any time now if it United Nations fails, refuses and /or neglect to live up to the true meaning of its creed and act fast 

The human rights activist also said he call on the organisation on the need for it to admit the fundamental truth that what is going on today in Nigeria is genocide and it must not be shy or pretentious to call it by its real name. Adding that What Nigerians need is for the UN to have the will to stop the ongoing genocide in Nigeria and prevent it from becoming full blown. 

Chief Omirhobo in the letter which was also addressed the letter to the President of the People’s Republic of China; French Republic: President of Russia; the Prime Minister of UK; President of United States of America; President of Nigeria; the Federal Government of Nigeria; the leadership of the National Assembly; and the Senate Minority leader.

Chief Malcom E. Omirhobo

Here are the contents of Chief Omirhobo’s letter to the addreeses
RE : SOS ON THE UNABATED, INTERNALISED, SYSTEMATIC AND INSTITUTIONALISED  GENOCIDE  IN NIGERIA: I am a Nigerian citizen. I hail from Otor-Iwhreko, Ughelli North Local Government Area of Delta State by virtue of which I am an Urhobo, one of the over 300 endangered ethnic groups indigenous to Nigeria. I do hereby for myself and on behalf of several millions of defenseless Nigerian children, men and women, the weak, the old, the poor and the uninformed, mostly Christians write you this SOS message to remind the United Nations of her responsibility to save us from the ongoing genocide which is likely to reach its crescendo any time now if the United Nations fails, refuses and /or neglect to live up to the true meaning of its creed and act fast now because time is not our friend.

“But for the hypocrisy of the United Nations, the crux of my message is so notorious and self evidencing that I need no further effort to proof it. Nevertheless, to err on the side of caution and at the risk of repetition I shall adumbrate the obvious for record purposes. 

“For the past ten years, the Fulani ethnic group have under the aegis of terrorist sects like Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko-haram, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) and under the cover of Fulani herdsmen and bandits been perpetrating the act of genocide through their militias against over 300 peaceful and hospitable indigenous ethnic groups in Nigeria who happens to be their host. The Fulanis in Nigeria in conjunction with their kith and kin from thirteen other African countries and Islamic terror groups world-wide for all intents and purposes have set in motion the machinery to brutally annihilate other ethnic groups in Nigeria, decapitate their leaders and able bodied men, marry off their women, enslave them, indoctrinate their children and seize their ancestral homes through a Jihad. 

“The ethnic cleansing by the Fulani militias in Nigeria is propelled by their internalized, dark, deep rooted age long cavils against the indigenous peoples of Nigeria base on their religious, historical, ideological beliefs and prejudices. The Fulanis believe that Nigeria is given to them by God since the successful Jihad of 1804 by their patriarch, an Islamic teacher, Usman Dan Fodio, an immigrant from Fouta Djallon, Guinea who waged war on the Hausas, one of the largest ethnic group in Northern Nigeria, killing and dethroning their kings, subjugating their subjects through terror and seizing their ancestral land to this day.

“The Fulanis believe that but for the TIV ethnic group of present day Benue State who in the pre colonial era gallantly resisted  and repelled them from advancing  to Southern Nigeria with their conquest  and  the British colonial rule, they would have conquered the whole Nigeria by now. They also erroneously claim that upon decolonization, Britain handed over Nigeria to them and that Nigeria is theirs but this claim have been debunked by other ethnic groups in Nigeria who finds it to be delusionary, irrational, uncivilized, barbaric and unacceptable. 

“With Britain out of the way, the Fulanis have concluded plans to wage another Jihad that would surpass that of 1804 to take over the entire Nigeria at any cost to make Nigeria an Islamic Terrorist State and the home of the Fulanis world-wide. Another compelling reason for the Fulanis quest to conquer Nigeria is their sudden realization that the grazing of their cattle by wandering is no longer fashionable and sustainable in the twenty-first century coupled with harsh climate change in the Sahel and Sub Savanna, they are now desperately in need of a land to call home and that land they claim is Nigeria.

“In preparation for the onslaught of the mother of all genocide in Nigeria, the Fulanis have asked their cousins from across the Sahel and the Sub Saharan Africa and Terrorist groups world-wide to raise money for the procurements of arms to prosecute the imminent and inevitable Jihad. They have called on all Fulanis to penetrate every nook and cranny of Nigeria and true to fact we now have them in every city, town, village, hamlet, bush and forest in Nigeria   preparing and waiting for the ethno religious genocidal war.

“In the interim, while in their different camps and cells waiting for the zero hour to strike they have on daily basis unabated with impunity maimed, brutalized, dehumanized, extorted, tortured, kidnapped, abducted, raped, sodomized and robbed Nigerian citizens of other ethnic groups while the Nigerian government pretends not to see . 
 “On daily basis unabated, Fulani militias destroy and burn down houses, farms and properties of other Nigerians without any consequences as the Nigerian government look the other way. 
 “On daily basis unabated, Fulani militias massacre, slaughter, murder, butcher, kill and hack to death for no just cause innocent  defenseless children, women of other ethnic groups, even the weak and old are not spared while the Nigerian government deliberately refuse to protect them. 

“On daily basis unabated, Fulani militias raid churches and kill worshippers as of right while Nigerian government shed crocodile tears.  

“On daily basis, unabated, Fulani militias make life hard and unbearable for many Nigerians who have to flee their ancestral homes to the Internally Displaced Persons ( IDP) Camps which is supposed to be a safe heavens but  their assailants pursue them there to exterminate them

“The Fulani militias frustrates the lives of Nigerians by intimidating and terrorizing them to the extent that they cannot go to their farms to eke out a living  or sustain themselves as they are made to starve in the midst  of plenty and the Nigerian government sees nothing wrong about it. 

“It is shocking that despite the fact that all the attacks and atrocities against humanity carried out by Fulani militias fit in the United Nations definition of acts of genocide as  per the United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 1948 the United Nations have not bat an eyelid and none of the members of the UN Security Council, China, France, Russia, the United States of America and the United Kingdom have taken the matter to heart as the situation continues to escalate beyond control just like the Rwanda, the Central African Republic (CAR) and Darfur genocides.

“While the Nigerian government permits the Fulanis ethnic groups to bear arms it effectively disarmed other ethnic groups up to their kitchen utensils and criminalize any of them that dare to bear arms, thereby depriving them of their right to self defense. 

“While the Nigerian government plays Ostrich the Fulani ethnic group stock pile arms and ammunition and train their men, women and children as combatants and how to kill in preparation for the Jihad. 

“The Nigerian government stands by and watches as the Fulani militias wreak havoc on Nigerians of other ethnic groups. In most cases the Nigerian government use its might to suppress and repress members of other ethnic groups challenging the Fulani ethnic group from seizing and occupying their ancestral homes. Just this week the Nigerian government gave a shoot at sight order to the Nigerian Military and police to kill able bodied men in the Eastern part of Nigeria which is made up of the Igbo ethnic group in violation of the Roman statue with genocidal tendency. As I write you this letter there is a house to house search going on there and hundreds of defenseless Nigerian youths are being executed for no just cause.

“The Nigerian government sees nothing wrong in terrorism but sees everything wrong in agitations .The Nigerian Government listens and negotiates with Terrorists but refuses to discuss with agitators. The Nigerian government forgives rewards, bail out, bribe and reintegrate Terrorists who have committed unlawful violence against other Nigerian citizens into the society without giving justice or any consideration to their victims who were injured by their actions. To rob salt into the wound of Nigerians these Terrorists are being recruited into the Nigerian Army and touted by a General of the Nigerian Army as good enough to be future president of Nigeria.
 “Nigerian citizens are haplessly and helplessly trapped between the devil and the deep blue sea as they do not have who to report their plight to or where to seek justice due to the systematic and institutionalize nature of the genocide going on in Nigeria. The President of Nigeria is a Fulani man and virtually all the public institutions in Nigeria are headed and controlled by the Fulani’s or their stooges and cronies. They are in charge of the police, the judiciary, the army, the immigration Service, the Customs Service, the National House of Assembly, the ministries and presidency. They are in charge of the financial institutions, foreign exchange trade, sea ports, and natural resources of the country to the exclusion of others. 
 “On the international side, Nigerians have nobody to complain to, sadly not even to the UN, not to talk of seeking justice. To buttress my point I will like to use my personal experience as an example. Via a letter of the 5th July 2019 (a copy enclosed herewith) I wrote you intimating you of the need of the UN to prevent the imminent genocide in Nigeria and her responsibility to protect defenseless innocent Nigerians and by the said letter I also applied for an appointment to meet with you or any designated official of the UN on the 7th of August 2019.

“On the 7th of August 2019, I was at the UN head office in New York, United States of America to be heard but to my chagrin, I was informed that I cannot see you or any designated official of the UN.  I protested and demanded for an explanation consequent upon which I was given a reply dated 7th of August 2019 (a copy enclosed herewith) to my letter.  By the said  letter, the Public Inquiries Team, Department of Global Communications of the UN on your  behalf  appreciated and thanked me for my letter having noted its contents but hope that I will understand that you do not act without the support of the Member States and  that any proposal to be considered by the Members of the UN must first be presented to the Ambassador of a Member State for his or her consideration prior to formal inscription on the Organization’s agenda and a subsequent vote by the Membership. I was advised to send my proposal to my country’s representative office before the UN whereas the UN regrettably does not endorse materials or projects generated outside the Organization. Shocked and disappointed I left your office and departed the United States of America without achieving my mission. 

“This experience of mine underscores the paradox in the UN’s Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide of 1948. It is absurd, sickening, saddening and disheartening that from her wealth of experience the UN still give the primary responsibility to prevent and stop genocide to the State in which the crime is committed, knowing very well that ninety nine percent of genocide cases are carried out by governments or groups controlling the state apparatus. It is like the UN on one hand is saying that it is committed to prevent genocide but on the other hand is saying that it cannot stop genocide until the perpetrators reported themselves to her. It is like the UN is saying that you can commit genocide when you are in office but after you leave office we shall go after you, prosecute and convict you for the genocide which you committed when you were in office. 
“In the case of Nigeria where the perpetrators of the ongoing genocide are Fulanis, who are in control of all the apparatus of state, does UN expect them to report themselves to her? The President of Nigeria is a Fulani man, all the public institutions are being headed by Fulanis even up to the Nigerian ambassador and representative to the UN. Does the UN expect them to report themselves? Funny! I dare respectfully submit sir that this is the height of hypocrisy on the part of the UN.

“An ethno religious genocidal war must not be allowed to break out in Nigeria because if it does, Nigeria will be the theatre of the world’s most horrific and catastrophic human disaster ever since the beginning of mankind on earth. If it took the Hutu militia a period of just 100 days to massacre 800,000 to 1, 000,000. Rwandans, predominantly Tutsis and moderate Hutus during the Rwandan genocide of 1984 with cutlasses, axes, knives, clubs and other blunt objects at such a supersonic speed and at such a destructive magnitude, imagine what the speed and magnitude of catastrophe that the Fulani militias armed with AK-47 and other sophisticated weapons will record in a 100 days. For crying out loud, the Fulanis have, artillery, apparatus for the discharge of any explosive or gas diffusing projectile, rocket weapons, bombs and grenades, machine-guns and machine-pistols, military rifles, namely those of calibres 7.62 mm, 9mm, 300 inches and 303 inches revolvers and pistols, while  Nigerians of other ethnic groups barely have dane guns. Mathematically they are at gunned, no iron drones or any form of defense.
 “Genocide is not an impromptu thing. It does not happen over night or without giving warnings. The UN have no excuse to  fail to prevent an ethno religious genocidal war in Nigeria like it did in Rwanda and Darfur because it has enough intelligence report and have received enough warning signs coupled with notifications from individuals and non State actors.

   “I consequently admonish the UN and members of the security council to stop their hypocrisy and pussyfooting and take a stand on what is going on in Nigeria. The UN and members of the security council must intervene now so as to save the lives of innocent defenseless Nigerian citizens. 

 “Nigerians do not need your one minute silence to show respect for the dead in the Nigerian genocide. We do not need your regrets for failing to act or for not doing enough. We do not need your flying of flags half mast to honour those who died in the Nigerian genocide. We do not need anniversaries to mark the Nigerian genocide or memorial service to commemorate the Nigerian genocide. We do not need your reports of how you hunt down  genociderians, arrest, prosecute and convict them at the International Criminal Court at Hague in far away Netherland whereas their conviction will mean nothing to us because it  will not bring back the dead, neither will it  heal the wounds or clear the  scars of the survivors. We do not need your crocodile tears, keep it. We do not need you to honour the resilience of the survivors.

 “What we need, is for the UN to admit the fundamental truth that what is going on today in Nigeria is genocide and it must not be shy or pretentious to call it by its real name. Genocide that is. What we need is for the UN to have the will to stop the ongoing genocide in Nigeria and prevent it from becoming full blown. What we need is justice for the victims and consequences for those responsible for the genocide by international community.

“We need the UN and the security council to start issuing strong warnings to those perpetrating the genocide in Nigeria with use of state apparatus. We need the UN to double up humanitarian efforts to support millions of Nigerians in IDP camps and those fleeing from their ancestral homes to avoid been killed by Fulani militias to neighboring countries. We need protection for those in the IDP camps from attacks by the Fulani militias and government forces.
 “We need the UN and the security council to issue arrest warrant on members of the Nigerian government and private citizens who are inciting and encouraging the genocide in Nigeria. We need the UN to declare those involved in the genocide or inciting others wanted like every other criminal and place bounty on their heads.

 “We need the UN and the security council to place travel ban on members of the Nigerian government and their family members. We need the UN and the security council to place economic sanctions on Nigeria in terms diplomatic and economic cooperation.

 “We need members of the security council of the UN to be prepared to arm defenseless Nigerians to defend themselves in the event of the outbreak of imminent and inevitable ethno genocidal war in Nigeria. We e need UN to create buffer zones and no flying zones if need be.  

 “As you ponder over this SOS message, I urge you not to fail, refuse and or neglect to consider the strategic interest of Nigeria to the entire world and the adverse effect of the spill-over effect of a full blown ethno-religious genocidal war in Nigeria to the West African Sub-region and the entire African continent.”A stitch in time saves nine”.

Chief Malcom Emokiniovo Omirhobo Esq Could be reached via +234 803 307 2453