Agbekoya Vows To Support Pres. Tinubu In Making Agriculture Nigeria’s Economy Bedrock

High Chief Kamorudeen Aremu Okikiola, Aare Agbekoya Worldwide, Speaking On Agricultural Development

Agbekoya Society, the parental body of Agbekoya Farmers Association of Nigeria, have pledged their loyalty and support for the administration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, towards ensuring he leaves a legacy of making Agriculture the bedrock of the country’s economy.

The group also expressed it’s readiness to work with President Tinubu’s administration on policies that could drive food security and community policing in the Southwest region of the country.

In a congratulatory message to the President, Aare Agbekoya Worldwide, High Chief Kamorudeen Aremu Okikiola, urged President Tinubu to ensure to carry the farmer association along in developing and implementing relevant agricultural policies. While noting that developing policies without stakeholder engagement will not boost the agricultural economy.

Aare Okikiola who commended the President’s plans to create agricultural hubs in all states of the Federation, also advised President Tinubu to ensure that these states are safe, as farmers must feel safe to go to their farmlands.

He pledges the body support to complement the security agencies in ensuring that farmers get adequate security without fear of unknown attacks while farming and trading.

Aree Okikiola said: “insecurity must become a thing of the past before Nigeria could curtail the recent surge in food prices.”

He emphasized that making farms safe and funding agricultural mechanization will create not only more food but also jobs to engage restless youths who have turned to crime for a living.

High Chief Okikiola, also advised President Tinubu to address the agricultural sector budget as it’s still being confronted with late budget releases and policy inconsistencies, adding that budgetary allocations largely affect the practice of smallholder farming.

He added that there should be a political will to allocate at least 10 percent of the country’s annual budgets and actual revenues to the agriculture sector with appropriate budget lines.

The elder statesman enjoined all farmers and relevant stakeholders to support and have trust in Tinubu’s administration to revive the agricultural sector in providing sufficient food for the nation towards the alleviation of poverty.