Sat. Dec 9th, 2023

America Applies For Forfeiture Of $600,000 From, Abidemi Rufai, Ex-aide Of Gov. Abiodun

Abidemi Rufai

America Applies For Forfeiture Of $600,000 From Abidemi Rufai, Ex-aide Of Gov. Abiodun

The United States government is in the process of seizing the $604,260 USD, proceeds of fraud from Abidemi Rufai, the suspended aide to the Ogun State governor.

The US applied to the District Court in Tacoma for the forfeiture of the money after Rufai pleaded guilty to the fraud charges filed against him.

Counsel to the US government, Nicholas Brown, in an August 4,2022 application asked the court to grant his motion.

Rufai who was arrested at the John F. Kennedy Airport in May 2021, is accused of obtaining the personal identifying information for more than 20,000 Americans to submit more than $2 million in claims for federally funded benefits under a variety of relief programs.

Over $600,000 was paid by the various agencies.

The court is scheduled to hand down its sentence on Rufai tomorrow.

Source-: Thenationonline