‘APC Has Many Important Infrastructural Development Projects For Ikorodu Division’ -Hon. Benson

Pic: Honourable Aro Moshood Abiodun, Babajimi Benson and his beautiful wife

Honourable Babajimi Benson, member of the House of Representatives, representing Ikorodu Constituency, has flag-off his third term campaign for the re-election.

Benson during the campaign said he is going for the third term to consolidate on what he has done in second term. Adding that APC government has many important infrastructural development projects for Ikorodu divisions.

He said: “I’m going for the third term to consolidate on what I have done. In my second term, I was able to attract 32 roads, I have built 24 schools, I have moved a lot of motions and Ikorodu centric bills, that would help create work, employment,. infrastructural development, for Ikorodu and Lagos state at large.

“I am using this opportunity to also canvass vote for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, for our Senator Mikhail Abiru, Our Governor Mr Sellable Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and our other 2 assembly candidates Gbolahan Ogunleye and Aro Moshood.

“I am also grateful that APC government has many important infrastructural development for Ikorodu Division. The Rice Mill, the 4th mainland bridge is coming, and alot more.

“I as a 32 year old boy was a promoter, director in the pioneer of the activities of Lekki World Wide Investment Limited that birth the Lekki Free Trade Zone, which also birth the refinery.

“I was appointed on that board, by the government of Raji Fashola and Raji Fashola was also the successor of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. So we work on the continuity to continue so that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who has built many leaders can equally build Nigeria for us.

JB told his lovers and staunch fans at the event to take home the fact that; “Ikorodu is one, Ikorodu is ready to assume its leadership role in Lagos politics. We are not called Ikorodu Oga for nothing. We are ‘OGA’ everywhere we go, we must excel and we must always be on top,” JB asserted.

He said there are 662 polling units, if APC gets 200 each in all these polling units, automatically they have emerged. He opined when sharing his message for the event.

The APC Candidate representing Lagos state House of Assembly Ikorodu constituency ll come February 25th, 2023, Honourable Aro Moshood Abiodun (AMA) in an interview with Newsconnect at the event said; “there is no local government you would get to in the whole of Ikorodu Federal Constituency that you won’t see what Honourable Babajimi Benson has done as a member house of representative.

“He has performed beyond doubt. Looking at his performance, his 3rd term in office is certain. What he is soliciting now is for more people to come out en masse and vote.

“We needed more votes not because of him now but because of Asiwaju and Senator Tokunbo Abiru, Sanwo-Olu and even myself. So we are appealing to every member of Ikorodu constituency to come out en masse and vote.

“It will be ridiculous for states like Jigawa and Kano to have more votes than Lagos. We have energise ourselves and we want Ikorodu to be number one in Lagos state.

“Honourable Babajimi Benson has laid a very good foundation for those of us coming in. He has showed us that aside of making laws, our oversight functions should be well carried out and that is what he has done in the all six local government and the LCDA.

“He has ditched out is oversight functions very well. Constructing roads, construction of hospitals, given scholarship, and his non stop Apo Anu program.

“Before the election, an empowerment program is still coming up and he is to flag off more roads to make dividend of democracy ease for every member of Ikorodu constituency.

“Honourable Fouad Oki has put us on our toes to also do more. Somebody like me as assured him in my polling unit that I have 616 registered voters and I will deliver more than 500 votes come February 25 by his grace.

“So what he has done is to encourage us more that once you put in more effort, there is a reward for it”. Ama said.

Fouad Oki, an APC chieftain from Surulere LG while appreciating the giant stride of Honourable Jimi Benson in Ikorodu at the event said he was glad JB didn’t listen to him when he undermined his political ambition during a consultation visit. He said 2023 general election is election of the youth and the women.
In his words, Oki said; “2023 election is the election of the youth and women. I want to appeal to you to vote enmasse for Jimi Benson. Once we see a lawmaker that is making us proud in our constituency, we will always rally support for him. Surulere that I came from is another London.
“Once we are consistent with our support for Jimi, Ikorodu would become another Surulere.
“Any ward in Ikorodu that can get 80 percent of the registered voters, I promise such ward 2 million naira.
“We have 19 wards in Ikorodu. A week before election, I will deposit 36,000,000, naira. Wards with the highest total number of votes would also get a hiass bus. Fouad asserted.

The Lagos East Senatorial Chairman of PDP, Ahmed Adekunle Ogunborisha who defected to APC, at the event said; “we should believe in integrity. I am a man of integrity. I believe so much in Tinubu and I believe at this point time, he is the one that can lead us to Jerusalem.

“That is why I resigned my position as PDP Lagos East Senatorial Chairman to queue behind and support Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu aspiration. It is our collective aspiration, not his aspiration,” he said.

Senator Ganiyu Olanrewaju Solomon (GOS) in his remark said; “we have seen his giant strides. A beneficiary showed me what he has done. When we see a selfless lawmaker, let us rally support around him.

“The date of Asiwaju election coincides with JB’s election. We want a landslide victory. Same day we vote for Abiru.

“Just as we voted in February so we will vote in March. When we first gave it to him, he didn’t disappoint us, we are giving it to him again. I am sure he is not going to disappoint us”. Solomon asserted.