Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

COVID-19: Lawyer Wants Foreign Vaccines Subjected to Local Certification

COVID-19: Lawyer Wants Foreign Vaccines Subjected to Local Certification

A Nigeria lawyer, Chief Abdullai Tony Dunia, has counselled the government of Nigeria, to subject all foreign vaccines received from foreign donors for treatment of Corona Virus Disease codenamed COVID-19, to local certification, before applying such on it’s citizens.

The lawyer said by subjecting the vaccines to local scrutiny by our local medica doctors and scientists, COVID-19, will be easily and successful defeated, just as Ebola pandemic was brought to an end.

The senior lawyer, who expressed dismay on how some Nigerians moves about without taking adequate caution and jettisons the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) protocols, also called on well-to-do Nigerians, to partner and sponsor very wide enlightenment campaigning in Nigeria, and put a team of our best Medical Virologists and other Experts together, for the purpose of getting a local solution to prevent, control, or cure Covid-19.

Barrister Dunia gave the above assertions in a statement titled “On COVID-19 And Foreign Vaccines; My Take”, issued today.

Barrister Dunia’s statement reads in part: “we must be careful not to swallow all that “they” dish out to us, without subjecting same to local checks, by our own Medical Experts. There is no doubt that COVID-19 exists and it spreads and kills very fast, particularly in American, United Kingdom (UK), Russian, Asian and European Countries.

“Please, we have in West Africa and in Nigeria that re natural inhibitors against Covid-19. Ebola was successfully defeated via local efforts in Nigeria. The World was surprised, but were happy with us. 

“Nigeria is one of the most populous black Nations of the World. Here, not less than 40 percent of our population are living in poverty, they’re not educated, not well-informed, are totally ignorant of Covid-19. They do not adhere to the NCDC protocols, they don’t have access to standard hygienic environment, good water, good food; they go out to mingle and tangle without any PPE, etc. 

“Security situation is fast getting out of hand, the government is doing her best to curtail it. Power outage is more regular in Nigeria. Despite the fact that the government has done well in some areas, the Nigerian people, to a large extent, have lost trust and even confidence in the Government, more because of the high rates of heavy compromises, lies, deceit, diversions of Billions of naira and obvious corrupt practices!! Government must win back the trust and confidence of the Citizens. Almost all the personnel in our Military, para-military, and other security agencies do not have PPEs. Our health system is 60 percent worst, etc.

“Though, am not happy with the number of deaths so far recorded due to the Covid-19, but, despite the serious issues raised above, the disadvantageous position we found ourselves generally and the serious fear we all have about the Covid-19; going by the daily updates from the NCDC, the casualty rate is still surprisingly manageably low; and conspicuously contrary to prediction by Bill Gate and most probably, the advanced Countries. 

“Nigeria gets talents in all human endeavours, particularly in Medicine and technology. Check Google, please, I am not a medical doctor or a Scientist, but, I strongly believe that our Medical Doctors and scientists can look inward and come up with a short and a long term solution to this  OVID-19 scourge; instead of waiting to receive and use what the seriously affected but advanced Countries would produce in the context and peculiarities of their localities, and send to us.

“It with be recall that an Italian Man that first brought in Covid-19 to Nigeria, was successfully treated and discharged by our local Doctors here in Lagos; though he complained about mosquitoes at the isolation center. 

“I strongly recommend that private entities and wealthy Nigerians should encourage n sponsor very wide enlightenment campaigning in Nigeria, and put a team of our best Medical Virologists n other Experts together, blend them with proven herbal Doctors, provide sufficient funds n facilities for research that can possible get us a local solution to prevent, control, or even cure this Covid-19 disease”.