CCBNAIJA: Ruggedman, Lizzy Jay Set Camp On Fire Over Supremacy Battle •Lucky fans To Undergo Free Skill Acquisition/Empowerment Training

CCBNAIJA: Ruggedman, Lizzy Jay Set Camp On Fire Over Supremacy Battle •Lucky fans To Undergo Free Skill Acquisition/Empowerment Training 

The construction site of the Celebrity Come Build Naija (CCBNaija) Reality TV Show is getting livelier and more exciting by the day. The reason is not far-fetched. Building and construction is not the cup of tea of celebrities, because people of glamour are strangers to building sites. That is why celebrities had a heated argument over the supremacy of professions in the building and construction industry.

Ruggedman (R) With Another Celebrity Attempting To Fit A Lamp

Not surprisingly, the battle was between Ruggedman, who boasts of his ability to adapt to hard environments and the City-bred Lizzy Jay during their task for the day when they argued over the superiority of plumbing over electrical wiring in a building project. 

Lizzy Jay argued that plumbing is life and more superior than electrical. Ruggedman vehemently disagreed, saying electrical plays a more vital role in a building, whether commercial or residential, as nothing else can be enjoyed without power. He cited water, for example, which relies on light before it flows through the plumbing installations. Though, Lizzy Jay refused to budge, but Ruggedman insisted he had made his point beyond reasonable doubt.   
Another fantastic offer for the fans,  besides the 3-Bedroom bungalow at stake, the Media Co-ordinator of the reality show, Theresa Moses, in a statement said there is another rare opportunity from the CCBNaija show. “The additional opening offers every fan a chance of getting Free 3 Months Skill Acquisition/Empowerment Training on Site Supervision (for Built Environment Graduates Only), Electrical, Plumbing, Construction, Steel Work and Carpentry.

“As part of the package, you will get free protective personal equipment (PPE), free basic tool, weekly training stipends, free training manuals, and paid three months placement training, courtesy of #CCBNAIJA”.

The atmosphere on site was becoming dull as the project gets tougher by the day. Indeed, the celebrities are giving in their best, especially with the training they received in building and construction; but the basic truth is that they must to build a beautiful and solid house.

Despite the stress and the pressure of work, Nkechi Blessing is always on hand with creative vibes that energise her colleagues on site.

So keep voting for your favourite celebrities as one lucky fan with the highest vote stands a chance of winning a 3-Bedroom Bungalow built by the celebrities while fans with relevant trade experience has the additional offer of free training  and empowerment. As a fan, the more votes you cast for your favourite celebrities, the better your chance of winning the prize.

HOW TO VOTE: *bankcode*000*contestant code (number of votes); for example, (if you are using GTB and sending 10 votes) *737*000*54900010#Teddy A Code: 5491001; Mercy Aigbe Code: 549002; Anto Lecky Code: 5491002; Rosie Code: 5491003; Funky Mallam Code: 5491004; Josh 2 funny Code: 5491005; Akuapem poloo Code: 5491006; Nkechi Blessing Code: 5491007; Lizzy Jay Code: 5491008; Ruggedman Code: 5491009; Ninalowo Bolanle Code: 5491010.

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