Child Abuse: Activist Urges Child Protection Advocates To Investigate Dr. Olaleye’s Hubby

Dr. Olaleye’s Spouse, Aderemi

One of the observers following the development of sexual assault allegation levied against Dr Femi Olaleye, the Medical Director of Optimal Cancer Care Foundation, Ayodele Bamigboye charged Child Protection Advocates to investigate the CCTV Camera which exposed Aderemi Olaleye, the estranged wife of the medical doctor, in the living room while maltreating her supposed niece. 

In an interactive session with reporters as we filed our monthly domestic violence cases in the grassroots, Ayodele used the sad development happening to the Olaleye’s to urge child protection advocates to stand up for justice.

Ayodele said a recent report by an online medium reports that the CCTV camera in the living room of the Olaleyes on the 27th of November 2021 exposed how Aderemi was mercilessly beating the young girl, her supposed niece in the presence of kids, the family driver and the cook – who all couldn’t stop her from beating the poor girl. 

In his reaction, Ayo said; “some women can be so terrible, selfish women don’t take note when they speak from both sides of their mouth. 

“A woman who accused her husband of 11 years of marriage, blessed with two children, of sleeping with her niece, now caught by camera maltreating the same girl in the front of other people and her kids who couldn’t help her. Hmmmm

“I watched the video and I wept for the poor girl as she was being maltreated. I doubt if that girl I watched is her niece. Let us even assume she is her niece, what could she have done that warranted such beating? 

“The medium also reports that the husband got to know of the obscene abusive act of his wife through the video clips on the CCTV camera and when asked what was the reason for this violent incident in front of the kids, the wife said it was none of his business.

“In my own opinion, human rights groups and child protection advocates should not take what Aderemi Adeleye says to indict her husband hook, line and sinker, her immoral action of abusing her supposed niece in that video should be properly investigated. I feel there is more to it. 

“I am skeptical of Aderemi’s motives regarding her husband. She can’t be speaking from both sides of her mouth. One hand claiming justice for the same girl she was equally violently attacking for no just cause.

“I urge child protection advocates to rise up and investigate what the girl did to warrant such maltreatment,” Ayo said.

It was gathered that Aderemi is presently in United States of America with her kids who have missed school for 2-months.

All efforts to reach her have proved abortive.