Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

COVID 19: Trado-Medicine Practitioner Offers Free Treatment

Tiyamiyu Adetunji, Head Physician, Iwosan Yin Yang Clinic

COVID 19: Trado-Medicine Practitioner Offers Free Treatment

A traditional medicine practitioner, Tiyamiyu Adetunji, has said that the dreaded Corona Virus, popularly called COVID-19, can be quickly tamed and stopped from further spread with the treatment from the traditional medicine approach.

Tiyamiyu, a China-trained trado-medical practitioner and founder of Iwosan Yin Yang Clinic, said though as there is no yet identifiable cure for the disease, however  stated that the only way to be free from becoming contaminated with the COVID-19, is by clearing the lung, liver and respiratory system clean and clear from any forms of obstruction.

Tiyamiyu said with the combine use of African and Chinese traditional Medicine approaches, which he said is the use for physiology, etiology and treatment explanation, COVOD-19, will become a forgotten issue in Nigeria and the entire world.

Tiyamiyu in an email captioned ‘Humanitarian Assistance For The Treatment of COVID-19 Virus‘, sent to this medium states: “my name is Tiamiyu Adetunji; Head physician of Iwosan Yin Yang clinic, a licensed Traditional Medicine Practitioner in Lagos State with license number LS/TMB/TMP 4904. My job is to treat human illness and help people maintain good health. I do this responsibility through Integrated Traditional Medicine approach: a fusion of Traditional Chinese Medicine knowledge; useful for physiology, etiology and treatment explanation. Traditional Africa Medicine knowledge: the use of Nigeria indigenous herbs, minerals, animals and time tested herbal medications that work.

What He Knows About COVID-19“My understanding and analysis of the Covid-19 virus is as follows; it is a pandemic and communicable disease. Therefore it has biological functions; such as life, stages in growth, reproduction, continual changes and death. The disease is said to attack the upper respiratory system causing, dry cough, feverish condition, dyspnea; shortness of breath and possibly death.

“From Yin Yang medicine perspective; Covid-19 is environmental pathogen, just like any other micro-organism out there. Everything that ever exists has an inherent energy form. Heat and cold are the major energy often displayed by nature or everything that has biological function capability. The disease mode of attack shows that Covid-19 disease displays the feature of a cold energy disease; it gets access into the body mostly through the orifices that connect the lungs, obstructing the normal intake of qi (Chee); qi could be regarded as oxygen. 

“The lungs control the flow of qi (Chee) and assist the heart by filling the blood vessel with the qi (chee) required to move the blood. Qi (chee) is warm in nature, without it action on blood and body fluid both fundamental substance will not move, then cause obstruction. 

“This obstruction will affect the normal flow of qi to other organs in the body. Wei qi (defensive qi) is moved by lungs, therefore if the lungs function is affected the body’s defensive mechanism will be poor. In Yin Yang medicine the lungs control exhalation while the kidneys control inhalation; the kidneys receives qi from the lungs as the lungs send down qi to the kidney, also, the kidney ascend qi (Chee) to the lungs. This is the process of normal inhalation and exhalation. Invariably, if the lungs function is affected the kidney’s function will be affected. Symptoms like Asthma, chronic cough, and dyspnea (unable to inhale deeply) will occur. In addition, the obstruction will affect the liver; the organ called liver controls the smooth flow of qi, blood and body fluid throughout the whole body. Also the liver controls the tendon and joints, hence the cause of pains for Covid-19 virus victim.

“The liver regulates blood flow and stores the blood while sleeping. The relationship of liver to lungs reflects the relationship of qi (chee) and blood. The liver relies on Lung qi (chee) to enhance its smooth flow of blood, body fluid and qi (Chee) all over the body. If there is insufficient or deficient qi (chee) in the liver, the liver function will be impaired and its stagnant energy will transform to produce heat; which will flow upward to dry up the fluid at the lungs producing symptoms of dry cough, feverish condition, palpitation, and pains”.

On Cure For COVID-19, Tiyamiyu said: “obviously, there is no one medicine cure for this Covid-19 disease in nature. But the lung, Kidneys and liver need to be treated by expelling the obstructing energy from the lung and balance the internal organs relationship, during this treatment an observation and evaluation of the patient response could be detected through the use of the basic orthodox device like the pulse oximeter and blood pressure monitor”.

Efforts by his outfit in curtailing respiratory organs related disease he said: “before now, our company has prepared different medication for different organ’s energy imbalance; visit our website www.iwosanyinyang.com to see the list of our product list. Every disease has a cure in nature; Covid-19 virus is curable. 

“In conclusion, I offer myself for assistance and as well call for a confirmed case to be experimented with for humanitarian purpose”.