Crisis In Lagos As Police Allegedly Kill 2 People During Yoruba Nation Agitators Rally At Ojota, Lagos

Monday David Fakanmbi, A Member of Odua Vigilante Group Illegally Declared Wanted By The Nigeria Government

Nigerian Police Force reportedly killed two people during the Yoruba Nation Agitators Rally, held at Ojota Lagos Nigeria.

A Twitter user, ‘NigerianGlobalYouth’, shared a picture of a lifeless man and a video reportedly captured during the riot. 

Making similar reference to such incident that occurred in Ibarapa/oke-ogun area of Oyo State in Nigeria on December 11, 2020, when Dr. Aborode was killed, in his farm by some suspected Fulani Herdsmen and Chief Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo popularly called Igboho (being a Leader of Odua Vigilante Group), came from Ibadan to help drive away the Bandits in Igangan Axis of Ibarapa Area of Oyo State Nigeria. 

The Chief Igboho’s invasion became a National issue and the Federal Government deployed Military Force and Police Force to the area which calm down the activities of the Fulani Herdsmen/Bandits. 

But immediately the Police Force and the Military Force left the area, there was another attacked by the Fulani Herdsmen/Bandits and so many life and properties were lost. All efforts by the citizens to call back the Police was abortive. 

The Odua Vigilante Group operating at Ibarapa Area reinforced back to the area after information of the whereabout of the Bandit Gang Leader named Wakilu was given by the citizens to the Odua Vigilante Group. 

The Odua Vigilante Group were able to arrest the gang leader named Wakilu, after serious battle which lead to lost of life of some of the Odua Vigilante Group. 

The Odua Vigilante Group Leader in order not to take law into his hands immediately selected some of his to take Wakilu to Saki Police Station for prosecution but the Police at the Saki Police Station further proceeded in taking Wakilu and the Odua Vigilante Group that brought him to Oyo State Police Area Command, Eleyele Ibadan. On getting there, both Wakilu and the Odua Vigilante Group were all detained and subsequently charged for murder. 

But three members of the Odua Vigilante Group were detained and subsequently charged for murder alongside Wakilu himself, while four members of the Odua Vigilante Group namely:- Kazeem Dauda; Awodele Adedigba; Ramon Hassanand Monday David Fakanmbi, were illegally declared wanted by the Nigerian Authority.

The surprising behavior of the police is the declaration of some of the Odua Vigilante Group named above wanted when they just went in defending the life and properties of their citizens and also helped in arresting the notorious Fulani Herdsmen/Bandits Gang Leader named Wakilu, who has been terrorizing the whole of Oyo State in Nigeria and subsequently handling him to the Nigerian Police and instead of compensating the Odua Vigilante Group, they were declared wanted and some arrested.

Till today, the whereabout of the four members Odua Vigilante Group named above, that were declared wanted were unknown, maybe they have been killed or now in jail together with others that helped in arresting Wakilu. 

Additional reports by in Daily Trust, May 12, 2021, edition & NigerianGlobalYouth