Dennis Isong Bags AWARD As ‘Top Realtor’ For Amen Estate Phase 3 In 2022

Dennis Isong, Winner ‘Top Realtor’ AMEN Estate Phase 3 In 2022, Funke Akindele, a.k.a. Jennifer, An Award-winning Actress, Filmmaker and Producer, the CEO of Amen Estate, Shade Balogun Dennis Isong Bags AWARD As ‘Top Realtor’ For Amen Estate Phase 3 In 2022

Dennis Isong, a journalist and realtor. He recently won Top Realtor’ For Amen Estate Phase 3 In 2022, as a reward for his efforts in selling the Estate. Dennis expressed his joy on the award and as well, speaks much of the donor of the Award, Except

What can you say on the award bestowed on you by Amen Estate?This award is been a long time coming for me. My achievement as a top and trusted realtor in Lagos State. I was given an award as the top selling realtor in Amen Estate and the reason why I was given this award is because I have been able to help Nigerians in diaspora and Nigerians in Nigeria to get property in AMEN ESTATE and Amen Estate is a top property brand in Nigeria.I would like to thank Amen Estate team specially for the award. I got the award on the 18th of September 2022, as one of the top realtors for AMEN ESTATE Brand for 2022
The owners of Amen Estate Phase 1, Amen Estate Phase 2, Amen Estate Phase 3 and Amen City.
We have been successful in launching AMEN PHASE 1, AMEN ESTATE PHASE 2, and now we have AMEN ESTATE PHASE 3 which is located at a strategic location in favor of all our clients.

Can you tell us in brief the history of the Estates-: The first estate, Amen Estate Phase 1, was launched with over 700 homes and counting. From top to bottom, every block, every mold, every fitting, in all the homes in Amen Estates are made from the highest quality materials with lots of love, care and attention to detail. The estate is beautiful, practical and affordable. Amen Estate is for the discerning home buyers both at home and abroad.

Amen Estate is the epitome of premium living where world class luxury and new Nigerian hospitality meet. Located in Ibeju Lekki in Lagos Nigeria. Amen Estate perfectly combines luxury, ambience and affordability. Imagine real uninterrupted power supply with no ugly hanging power cables in sight. Through its advanced underground cable network Amen estate hundred percent independent power source noiselessly powers every home 24 hours a day every day.

In Amen Estate Phase 1, we already have people that have made the place a home. Some top celebrities have their homes there such as Funke Akindele, Apororo, etc. It’s a top-notch premium Estate.

A Brief History About Amen Estate Phase 2-: In December 2017, we sold a plot of land in Amen Estate Phase 2 for ₦10 million, as at August 2021 year, we had sold all the land in the entire estate at a closing price of ₦21 million per plot.Now, even after we had sold out this estate, we were still getting lots of requests from people who wanted to invest, because of its prime location.

So what did we do? Let me tell you how some smart investors made a lot of money from AMEN ESTATE PHASE 2.We reached out to those who bought their lands when we just launched at 10 million and asked if they were willing to sell, and some of them obliged.Guess what? We sold all those plots at ₦28 million each, and this was barely 3 years after we first introduced the estate.Incase you didn’t get the picture, I’ll spell it out. All those people who bought at ₦10 million in 2017, and decided to sell at the thee years after, made ₦18 million pure profits in just 3 years.

How Were They Able To Do It? It’s simple, they invested in a PRIME LOCATION when the cost of investing was low, and they sold it when the land had appreciated.That’s all! But the first step, was being able to identify a prime location where they could achieve that. That is why am introducing you to AMEN ESTATE PHASE 3 and AMEN ESTATE PHASE 3 EXTENSION.

Let me tell you how you can make more money from AMEN ESTATE PHASE 3HOW YOU CAN OWN A PLOT IN AMEN ESTATE PHASE 3 AND MAKE MONEY?AMEN ESTATE PHASE 3 is located at Ibeju Lekki, 5 minutes drive from Pan Atlantic university, off Lekki–Epe Express road, Lagos State, Nigeria. 

Amen Estate Phase 3 is selling both Residential and Commercial plots and is the latest development by Redbrick Homes International Ltd. Plot Size 500 sqms. Amen Estate Phase 3 Extension, is located at Ibeju-lekki, 15 minutes drive from the prestigious Amen Estate.  Phase1 & Amen Estate Phase 2 residential plot is N15 million and it has Certificate of Occupancy (CofO). Land type -Dry land. THE PRICE WILL INCREASE TO 18 MILLION ON THE 26TH SEPTEMBER 2022. You will get instant allocation after payment. Let me tell you the FEATURES you will enjoy in AMEN ESTATE PHASE 3 which you can take advantage of to make extra money. (1) Security; All properties in our estate are fully secured and fenced to satisfy your needs-Stable Electricity Life as we know would be impossible without electricity so all our properties have stable power supply-Road Network. All properties have good road network for finding the best route or creating service areas.-Estate Park. All Properties in our estate have parking spaces for your desired needs and properties-Perimeter Fence. All properties in our estate are fully secured and fenced to satisfy your needs-Drainage System. All properties have good road network for finding the best route or creating service areas.-Street Light. All Properties in our estate have parking spaces for your desired needs and properties-Parking Space Estate properties all have various parking spaces for you and your family. The Price Will Increase To 18 Million On The 26th September 2022.

Amen Estate is a reputable company with a track record of excellence, competence and efficiency. It’s a company you can rely on and I promise that you will have positive stories to tell at the end of the day. Those that have properties in the estate, likewise those that have sold their properties know how much value they got from here, this can be you too.

Appreciation -: Meanwhile, I want to SPECIALLY APPRECIATE YOU for your support. You believe in me and follow my Estate recommendations. Thank you. I promise to work more with you and give you the best service. The reward for success is more work. Please give me more work because I am ready to serve you better and better.

My name is Dennis Isong, I help Nigerians like you get land or house in Lagos, Nigeria stress-free. I know you will buy a property soon. I want to help you achieve it. Let’s talk on +2348164741041, +2348028667565