Dosh Lowkee’s Lawyer Threatens  Gistlover’s With Legal Suit Over Defamatory Publication

Mr. Sunday Stephen Aladeyekun’s a.k.a. Dosh Lowkee

Barrister Ademola Adefolaju, lawyer to an entertainment Act, Mr. Sunday Stephen Aladeyekun’s a.k.a. Dosh Lowkee, has threatened to filed a suit against a blog site, Gistlover, over alleged defamatory and libelious publication against his client.

Though, Dosh Lowkee, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dosh Entertainment Empire, has refuted the defamatory publication made against him by the blogger.

Barrister Adefolaju in a letter captioned “setting the record straight on the libelous publication made of and concerning the person of Mr. stephen Aladeyekun also known as Doshlowkee by  Gistlovers vide an online publication”, said the publication was not only wrongful but contained misguided information peddled by the mischievous person under the guise of Gistlover, in a bid to disparage his client.

Barrister Adefolaju letter reads in part: “we are Solicitors to Mr. Stephen Aladeyekun known as Doshlowkee (herein referred to as our client), on whose candid instructions this missive issues. 

“We have been briefed and we have the candid instruction of our client to respond to the defamatory and libelous publication of Gistlover, aimed at disparaging and defaming our client, Mr. Stephen Aladeyekun. 

“It is pertinent to state that our client is a law abiding citizen of Federal Republic of Nigeria and will not involve himself in any act that is prohibited by law. 

“Our client has never been involved in any illegal or unlawful activities of any form Aimed at illegally enriching himself, nor was he involved in any form of internet fraud, particularly the act popularly known and referred to as yahoo yahoo in local parlance. 

“That our client is a businessman with registered businesses incorporated in compliance with the provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) as he owns and operate Doshlowkee Entertainment Limited whose business is to promote and invest in artiste all over the world. 

“That our client vehemently debunk the misguided information paraded on the pages of social media by your organization, illegally, wrongfully and maliciously placing our client in concomitant with an alleged one night stand with Miss Shubomi, which never happened. 

“May we also state categorically that contrary to the content of the said publication that our client was deported from Cyprus, there was nothing of such, as same never happened our client was never deported from Cyprus. 

“We thus call on the general public to ignore this wrongfully and misguided information peddled by these mischievous person under the guise of Gistlover in a bid to disparage our client. Our client is not oblivious of his rights under the law and we have his attendant instruction to prosecute his legal rights against any individual or organizations aiming to discredit him via fake news and other unautodoxed means. 

“We hope that you and other persons aiming to discredit our client will desist from these unlawful acts before you are caught by the strong web of the law.”