Dr. Olaleye’s Estranged Wife Takes Over His Property while In Prison

 Mrs. Olaleye In Front Of Dr. Olaleye’s House

Video clips of the estranged wife of Dr Olufemi Olaleye, the Medical Director of Optimal Cancer Care Foundation, who was recently remanded in custody of Nigerian Correctional Services (NCoS), Ikoyi Centre, surfaced as she presented a court order issued by Magistrate O. M. Ajayi, of Yaba Family Court, Lagos, preventing some people from picking items on behalf of her husband from his house in Maryland minutes after he was arraigned.

The said property is located at 17, Layi Ogunbambi Close, Maryland Crescent, Maryland, Lagos.

A keen observer of the developments between the Olaleyes, who pleaded anonymity to our reporter on the issue because of its sensitivity at the time of filing this report expressed her utter shock, after stumbling on video clips of Madam Aderemi disrupting the peace of the Estate by shouting at the top of her voice, having gained entry into the property and brandishing a court order obtained on November 16, 2022, but was never served on her husband until the 30th November 30 2022, the date of his arraignment thus raising speculations about the real motives behind the accusations and allegations against her husband in the first instance! 

The observer said: “I was shocked when I stumbled on that video the same day the court ordered the remand of Dr Olaleye. The last time I checked, she was in the US with the kids, who we can confirm had missed school since September when schools resumed. 

“Although in my findings I discovered she is back in the country but her whereabout was unknown. In my own opinion, I feel she is acting out a script, with her actions.

“All of a sudden she showed up at the residence she had vacated over 2 months ago, with a court order ready to take possession, with no bailiffs present, on the same day her husband appeared in court and remanded,.huh? Na wa ooooo…

“Is this woman up to something? Yes the case is in court, and I am appealing to the court to be fair with the trial. You press people should help to investigate Mrs. Aderemi Olaleye also. I feel there is more to this issue. It is your duty as reporters to investigate matters to a logical conclusion as members of fourth estate of the realm. Please do the same with this case.

“Let me also tell you, this not the first time the woman had tried to prevent Dr Olaleye from entering his own house, according to the CTC of the first court order which was applied for by Mrs Olaleye on March 11, 2022 and granted ex parte on April 22, 2022, we can reveal that the court waited for Madam Remi’s lawyers to serve Dr Olaleye but they never did!

“According to the CTC of the court documents, the case was severally adjourned over 5 seatings and finally struck out due to lack of diligent prosecution. I have the evidence of this assertion, I will share with you so you can attach with your report.

Watch out from this space as the developments unfold, our medium promises to keep you up to speed to balance this reportage with the questions raised by the latest actions of Mrs Aderemi regarding the timing of the court order restricting the man from his own house. 

Dr. Olaleye is currently not available to speak on the court order since he is being remanded in custody at a Correctional Facility in Ikoyi while perfecting his bail.