Kuraun, Ex-SDP Guber. Aspirant Rejoins APC, Says ‘My Decision Is To Serve My People’

Dr. Kuraun

The former governorship aspirant of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Benue State, Dr. Jeffrey Kuraun, has rejoined the All Progressives Congress(APC).

Kuraun resigned from the SDP on the grounds that the party is not a veritable platform to help him actualize his desire to render service to his people.

His resignation letter dated June 30, 2023, was made available to this medium, and has been acknowledged by the SDP Chairman, Mbatyough in his Ward, Vandeikya Local Government Area.

Dr. Kuraun in a chat with this medium said; “the decision to resign my membership of the SDP is not for myself but for the people I seek to serve. This is why I took time before arriving at this logical conclusion to leave the SDP and reunite with my family (APC) like a prodigal son.

“I believe that the APC is the only party at the moment that will provide an opportunity for me to serve the good people of Benue and Nigeria at large.

“It is true that I have resigned my membership. What I am saying is that, if I should have an opportunity to serve, I will go with the party that would give me the platform. At this moment the SDP will not provide me that opportunity and platform.

“I have rejoined the APC. I don’t have to do it elaborately. I believe the APC is the only party now that will give me the opportunity to serve the people of Benue and Nigeria at large.”

According to the former governorship aspirant, his decision was logical because it took him time, wide and intensive consultations with his supporters to arrive at.

“The reason is that I did not just do it for myself but the people I seek to serve. It took me some time to arrive at that logical decision. I have gone back to my family which is the first party I joined. the only reason I left APC that time was to have a level playing field, and an opportunity to serve the people of Benue and Nigeria at large.

“It is like the prodigal son. It was the first party I joined in partisan Politics.”

He disabused the minds of those who may want to refer to him as an inconsistent politician noting that, “there is nothing like inconsistency in Politics.

The only reason I defected to other party was to have a credible platform to serve my people as there is no individual candidacy in Nigeria.

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with such decision. There were even other parties I could have joined but decided to merge tent with the SDP because they gave me the ticket.

“There is hardly any politician today that has not moved from one party to another political party for one reason or the other and there is absolutely nothing wrong with such decision. My supporters understood that. However, before taking this decision, I consulted with them widely before taking my final decision.”

Kuraun, however, added that the experience he has garnered in SDP are solid ground to hinge on greater political ascendency in spite of other litigation on the side of the party.

“During those period, I might have stepped on many toes but all we should focus on now is to see how we can salvage our country. What we can do to contribute to the development of our state which is my major focus.”

He used the opportunity to offer prayers to the leaders for God’s guidance and protection especially now that partisan politics is over. He admonished Nigerians to proffer that would promote the advancement and progress of the country.