Foundation Marks World NGO Day, Gifts Less Privileged  Cash, Food, Other Items

Dr. Anisulowo

Dr. Sam Olawale Anisulowo, the Board Chairman of Sam Anisulowo Foundations (SAF), recently addresses the global community on the occasion of World NGO Day, celebrating the profound contributions of non-governmental organizations in shaping a better world.

Dr. Anisulowo in his speech on the occasion said; “At Sam Anisulowo Foundations, our mission is rooted in poverty alleviation and empowering marginalized communities in Ekiti State. Our journey involves creating opportunities for those who need it most, especially in the beautiful state of Ekiti.

“The foundation has successfully lifted over 700 primary school students out of poverty, providing scholarships and textbooks to pupils in remote government-owned schools. 

“We take pride in our strides towards economic empowerment,” Dr. Anisulowo continued. “From establishing businesses to granting 15 kiosks to aspiring business owners and providing financial support of 300 thousand Naira, these efforts significantly contribute to reducing poverty levels and fostering sustainable development.”

In addition to these initiatives, Sam Anisulowo Foundations provided 200 units of fertilizers and fumigating equipment to bolster agricultural endeavors in the communities served, contributing to the overall well-being and prosperity of Ekiti State. Also contributing to the education of the indigent students by donating 3,000 textbooks.

“Witnessing the flourishing growth of businesses that SAF has invested in brings immense joy to both us and our valued partners. It’s a true testament to the power of collaboration in driving positive change,” Dr. Anisulowo emphasized.

In a special initiative to mark World NGO Day, the foundation donated food and cash gifts to indigent women at the foundation’s secretariat. This compassionate act according to it is aims to cushion the effects of economic hardship on vulnerable women in the community.

Dr. Anisulowo expressed gratitude to the SAF team for their dedication and support, saying, “I want to appreciate the SAF team for joining us in our mission. Happy World NGO Day!”

About Sam Anisulowo Foundations: Sam Anisulowo Foundations is a non-governmental organization committed to poverty alleviation and empowering marginalized communities in Ekiti State. Through various initiatives, the foundation aims to create lasting impacts and contribute to the overall well-being and prosperity of the region.