Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

“Hard Time, Insecurity, Corruption!! Yet, Nigeria Isn’t A Failed State”

Barr. ‘Tony Dania 

“Hard Time, Insecurity, Corruption!! Yet, Nigeria Isn’t A Failed State” By Barr. Tony Dania 

As bad as things have turned out in the country, Nigeria is not a failed State. The problems we have here in Naija, are shared in different proportions in other Countries; though, ours were, to the chagrin of majority of Nigerians, are seen to be poorly managed, and more annoying is the fact that some of our problems were obviously avoidable, while some were foisted on the masses, deliberately! 

But we have 72 persons serving, at all material time, since 1999 till date, as Governors/Deputy Governors, administering the 36 States of the Nigerian Federation (tho that concept is more theoretical), each State has not less than one person serving as a Minister/Minister for State, at the Federal Executive Council (Exco), i.e 1 X 36 = 36, every state has not less than 10 Commissioners in the Exco, i.e 10 X 36 =360, and 1,548 Persons administering each Local Government Council (LGC) in every State of the Federation, as Chairmen/Vice-Chairmen also with not less than 3 SSAs (3 X 774 = 2,322), each LGC has not less than 4 Councillors representing each Ward in each LGC, i.e 4 X 774 = 3,096. Every Governor has not less than 6 SSAs, and each Deputy Governor has not less than 2 SSAs, that is 7 X 36 =  252.  Now if you multiply the no. of persons that are in the management of Nigeria, it is 7,686! 

So, my Colleagues, the governance of our Naija is in the hands of not less than 7,686 persons, whose office receives an average of N30m per annum X 7,686 = N230 Billion per annum! The blame must also go to all of them. I have criticized the President, openly, and severally, and I still hold my opinion that his performance is generally poor; I make bold to say the blame for the issues we have in Nigeria today, goes to the 7,686 offices stated above.

Without prejudice to the above, I say Nigeria is not a failed State. And I pray that we don’t become one. Our problems are surmountable. 

Get and or update your PVC and get your friends, neighbours and members of your family to do the same too, not with “good pockets” and vote in every elections in accordance with good conscience and vote the person that you truly believe is the best among the candidates contesting, irrespective of their Parties. 

In OBEDIENCE to the foregoing, I am doing my best to get lot of other Nigerians to tow my line and preference; pls join me too. And I am very happy that Nigerians, particularly the youths are now, much more, awaken to the power, civic rights, and ability to use same to “repair” NIGERIA.

Above is my take, pls. No offence intended

Chief ‘Tony Dania, A lawyer, Social and Political Analyst, could be reached via +234 803 304 2057