“How To Help Nigerians In Diaspora To Own Properties In Nigeria Stress-free” 

“How To Help Nigerians In Diaspora To Own Properties In Nigeria Stress-free”  By Dennis Isong

Many Nigerians living in diaspora have reservations against buying and owning a property in Nigeria. Their fears are valid! People living abroad have gone through a lot of traumatizing situations in an attempt to be a property owner in Nigeria.

Mrs. Abiola has been scammed twice just to buy a property in Nigeria. Firstly, it was an outsider, then, she felt she had overstepped her boundary by involving an outsider. Then, she trusted her relative to do better, unfortunately, she was wrong to trust a relative too. Her relative duped her as well. Mrs. Abiola made a decision never to trust anyone when it comes to buying a property in Nigeria. Can we blame her?

Doctor Williams family lost all their savings and when they involved the Nigerian judicial system, it was learnt that the scammers bribed their way to freedom, leaving Doctor Williams stranded.

Jide from Cairo even tried to invest in a company, but, quite unfortunate, he got his money stuck in the company. He wasn’t aware that the company was an unregistered one before investing with them.

These stories and many more can be quite discouraging most especially for someone not living in Nigeria to see things for themselves. Despite all these, there are still Nigerians in diaspora that have properties here in absentia.

What did they do right? Let’s find out from Dennis Isong, founder LandProperty.ng

Q-: Can you please introduce yourself?Dennis Isong- my name is Dennis Isong, founder LandProperty.Ng. I am a real estate professional and mogul that has all the experience, exposure, connection, tactics and wherewithal to help you do the following:-Purchase and Sales of properties by linking you (especially if you are not in Nigeria) up with genuine property company, and monitor the transaction process. I serve as your eye and representative that sees to buying property which will not be a problem whether now or later. And also, guide you from getting duped-I provide adequate information and direction concerning property purchase and sale in Lagos.-My Real Estate company also does Property Education and Enlightenment.-Being a Real Estate professional and mogul, I serve as a guide that can help you get property in Lagos, Nigeria.-I offer free consultation services for anyone who wishes to invest in Lagos Nigeria but confused, uninformed and at a crossroad.

Q-: Can you expatiate on what you mean by property education and enlightenment?Dennis Isong- thank you! Just about a year after I launched real estate business, I discovered that a whole lot of people carry on with wrong information and perception of the real estate, so, this has made them fall into wrong hands, make mistakes and lose so much money. And then, I thought and asked myself” how can I salvage this situation, how do I proffer solution to this?” Then, I came up with property education and enlightenment. It’s impossible to enlighten people just as you meet them because there are too many people that need to know the right thing. So, the best way to go about it is by using the social media which has the capacity to reach a larger audience.

Q-: why do we keep hearing a case of property fraud in Nigeria? Dennis Isong -like I explained in the previous question, lack of knowledge can be a great factor. There was a case that happened few years ago, a particular property has been going through court proceedings for a while without the hope that it would get settled anytime soon. One of the family members, the uncle of the original property owner who had died, was losing patience with the court, so, he decided to sell and run off to Ghana with the money. The buyer didn’t make his due diligence before putting his money on it because he trusted the seller due to the fact that they were from the same hometown.Before I proceed, I would like to say this, when it comes to buying properties, take away every form of sentiments. Sentiment would pull you back from asking the right questions and finding out some blurry circumstances for better understanding.Back to the man. He bought the land and this uncle didn’t even wait a minute before absconding. It was then the buyer discovered that the case of the land is in court and cannot be sold until it is resolved.Although, the uncle was later apprehended in Kebbi state after two years. Imagine, a land sold in Lagos.

Q-: How do we trust you? People have been scammed a lot, so, it’s important for people to know that they are not taking another wrong decision. Dennis Isong –I have come across a lot of people who came and were afraid because of their previous experiences with scammers. Let me give you an instance.There was a woman, I won’t mention her name but we do call her Alhaja. Alhaja gave us the most difficult time. The first problem we had with her was not trusting us. Nothing we said was acceptable and at a point, I told my team to let her be and work on her request. Our outcome will do the talking, not our verbal conversation.I wouldn’t blame Alhaja though. When I am meeting a client for the first time, I love to always hear about their past experience(s) if they had any and chose to share. This is my strong style of connecting with a client.So, she told me about how people saw that she was wealthy and had money to throw around. She explained how people took advantage of that and her being uneducated to have a share of her when she’s not a national cake. Family and friends had, according to the Nigerian term,” run her street. “This happened for 15 years.But she is just a ‘stubborn’ person who is determined to have as many properties as she can lay her hands on. One of our clients recommended us to her but she can’t just trust us.When we delivered, she was astonished. You need to see the look on her face! She then apologized to us and even gave I and my team some money for the weekend.I have a lot of testimonies but won’t want to bore you. In summary, we have always delivered and will continue to do so. You can check our activities via the internet. Type my name on the search engine, I guarantee that you won’t find any negative review.I am registered which you can find on google. I have been running the real estate business for a number of years now. My company has a track record of excellence with lots of testimonies which I will be willing to show you. If you want to find out beyond the internet about how genuine our company is, you can run your check from the Lagos secretariat.

Q-: If I buy a property, can I pay by installment just to be sure that you are genuine because I know scammers like to get their money once? Dennis Isong- A lot of people have brought property through installment and not allocated. There are companies that use that as a fraud and that’s why you need a Real Estate professional like me to help you filter all those companies who are not genuine in doing business in Lagos, Nigeria. I am coming in as an advisor to make you take the right decision. Yes, you can if the property company I am linking you to offers the mode of payment.The main thing here is for you to follow my lead.

Q-: How do people go about the documents when not available? Dennis Isong –this aspect gets people living abroad so bothered. We once had a client who told us that she would get back after discussing and reaching on an agreement. We didn’t know that she was trying to find someone to help her to have all the papers done and get them sent to her. It took months for us to know why she went AWOL. So, I had to enlighten her concerning part of the services I render which is taking over the aspect of documentation and getting them across to her abroad.In a nutshell, I offer these services especially for our clients abroad. Having your complete papers and sending them to you is not a problem.

Q-: Can clients involve their own lawyer?Dennis Isong –Yes, they can so far, the person is a property lawyer.

Q-: Okay. If people buy land from you and decide to leave it to appreciate just to sell later, what assurance can you give them that such land would not be resold to another before the owner decided to sell it off? Dennis Isong – that is why you need to buy from a reputable property company so that you will not fall into victim but if you buy land through omo-onile or an individual, it is advisable to take possession immediately by marking of territory. And this can be done by just building a simple, two-block fence round it. This advice is not strictly to my clients alone but for everyone that has a landed property. Asides this, any land gotten through me cannot be resold to any other person. Whether you are in Nigeria or not, you will definitely meet your land at any time you feel like selling it out or building on it.

Q-: How can Dennis Isong help Nigerians in diaspora safeguard their properties here?Dennis Isong- first of all, this part is what I have done for people over the years. Safeguarding your property is not a problem. I can guarantee maximum safety on any property bought through my real estate company by the name “LandProperty.NG”. I and my team don’t leave your property just because you have paid and handed over to you. We also monitor such property.Based on our experience, we make sure that we guide you through so you can buy at the right company. We make sure that we verify property and after, we make sure that you are allocated, get all your documents which will be sent across to you abroad. LandProperty.ng, is a property company that has been in existence for over five years. We have served people both Nigeria and abroad and they have all been satisfied with doing business with us.We give you the right information. We don’t try to sugarcoat or being desperate to sell to you. Our aim is to give you the best and nothing but the best. Apart from guiding you concerning buying your property from genuine companies, we also write articles to sensitize, educate, and enlight people so that they can know what to put their money on. We have realized, over the years that people make mistakes because of lack of information, most especially dealing with scammers whom they thought to be genuine. 

Q-: How then do we address that? Dennis Isong-: It’s impossible to enlighten people as we meet them individually, that’s where our weekly articles come in. At least, this reaches more people.

If you by chance come across my articles, kindly like, comment, and share.If you have been thinking about owning a property, I guess this is the time. Regardless of your location, you are rest-assured with Dennis Isong Founder LandProperty.ng : Contact 2348164741041,2348028667565