Lagos Community Seeks Help For ‘Mentally Unstable’ Policewoman

The ‘mentally unstablePolicewoman Veronica Agbanku

Residents of Apapa road, in Lagos Mainland Local Government Area of Lagos State, have called on the Lagos State Police Command, to come to the aid of one it’s officer, policewoman Veronica Agbanku, whom they said is battling mental instability.

According to the community, the mentally unstable policewoman whose Force number is 028345, is attached to one of the stations under Iponrin Police Division, but usually hibernate at night at the Odaliki Police Post, Apapa road.

The community, in a letter for assistance written on behalf of the police woman to the Chairman of Lagos Mainland Local Government, and which a copy was availed to this medium, commended the efforts of the DPO Iponri division, in locating her family.

However, for the proper upkeep and rehabilitation, the community called on the State Command, to quickly come to the aid of the woman before her situation becomes unredeemable.

Parts of the letter read: “for the umpteenth time, we appeal to the concerned authorities on behalf of the supposedly police woman. At night, she hibernates at the Odaliki Police Post (under Iponrin Police Station). While during the day, she roams the streets Within Apapa road environ, drinking to stupor with the money she begged from people.

“Couple of years ago, her family took her away but after some weeks she came back.

“We believe that she is not beyond redemption if she is taken to psychiatric (rehabilitation) home.

“We hereby use this platform to appeal to the concerned authorities to come to her rescue.”