Lagos Inaugurates 1004 Estate CDA Executives

Certificate Issued To 1004 Estate CDA By Lagos State Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs

Lagos Inaugurates 1004 Estate CDA Executives 

As parts of moves in bringing inhabitants of the prestigious 1004 Estate, Victoria Island,  nearer to the government, the Lagos State government has inaugurated a Community Development Association for the residents of the Estate.

The Estate’s CDA named ‘1004 Estate Community Development Association’, was inaugurated on Tuesday, by Dr. Salaam Olufemi Taiwo, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs.
The 1004 Estate CDA Executives inaugurated by the Permanent Secretary are: Mr. Matthew Ibadin; Lai Labode, Mo Momodu, Buchi Egbe, Stanley Ebeigbe, Wale Adebayo, who will operate as Chairman; General Secretary; Public Relations Officer (PRO), Financial Secretary; Secretary to the BOT and member of BOT respectively.

Inaugurating the 1004 Estate’s CDA’s Executives, Dr. Salaam said, the CDA shall be the only association in the Estate to be recognised and relate with by the government at all levels.

“Under  the Lagos State Laws, the No 1 Recognized Association in 1004 Estate and Environs will always be the 1004 CDA”, Dr. Salaam affirmed.

The Permanent Secretary further educated the counsel of the 1004 Homeowners that the full powers and support of the Lagos State government is at the disposal of every LCDA as long as they continue to perform according to the laws of Lagos State. 

He advised the 1004 Homeowners that the 1004 CDA cannot be disbanded as it is a part of the political structure of Lagos State.

He further explained that the 1004 Homeowners CAC Status and the case of the two contending Chairmen of 1004 Homeowners Association is completely separate from the status and powers of the Lagos State that recognized and backed 1004 CDA, while added that the 1004 CDA has now brought the full attention of the Lagos State government for prioritized developments including roads, transformers and other critical amenities. 

He called for a dialogue to resolve all issues in the Estate and warned the 1004 Homeowners from any form of harassment of the officially recognized 1004 CDA Executives, as they carry out their activities to ensure better living standards for all residents. 

The Chairman of the 1004 Estate CDA Mr. Matthew Ibadin while explained the various petitions already sent to Lagos State and Federal Government Agencies, also narrated the tales of the long sufferings of 1004 Residents under the Home Owners and Residents Association (HORA) BOT and their cohorts.

Ibadin said with the inauguration of the CDA, it is a new beginning for all the residents of the Estate.

Also speaking at the event, the 1004 CDA BOT Chairman, Abiye Karibe-Whyte thanked the Perm Sec and promised to ensure the 1004 CDA continues to respects and protect the rights of all under the Lagos Laws.

Prior to the inauguration of 1004 Estate CDA’s Executives by the state government, the Iru-Victoria Island Local Council Development Area, had on January 28, 2020, issued certificate of registration and recognition to the executives of the CDA.