Meet The Movers And Shakers Of Social Events In Nigeria -Bayo Adetu

Aristos Band Playing At An Event

Parties and events of all sorts are integral parts of our social life, be it weddings, birthdays, housewarmings, anniversaries, burials, AGMs and concerts. 

Meanwhile, what makes any event thick include coordination, good music, welfare of guests and security. If all these areas are not handled by seasoned professionals, such an event would be considered a flop, irrespective of the amount of money spent on it. However, for your event to be a colossal success, below are a few major people you should hire:

KIKKS EVENT MANAGEMENT COMPANY: Kikks is a full-service event management company who has been in existence for over eight years and has planned over 400 high profile and mind-blowing events both corporate and Social. Kikks is specialized in creating unique and memorable events, with a team of experienced and passionate event professionals who are dedicated to exceeding your expectations creating events that are not just successful, but also unforgettable.

Gbenga Adeyinka D1st: The Grand Comedian of the Federal Republic (GCON) is arguably Nigeria’s most competent events compere/anchor. Gbenga Adeyinka D1st is a multi-award-winning Nigerian actor, comedian, radio and TV presenter, writer, and MC. He has anchored topnotch events in every single state in Nigeria, the Federal Capital Territory inclusive. He can also speak many Nigerian languages, a rare feat that also stands him out among the lot. 

His high level of professionalism, eloquence, humility, charisma and panache are no doubt some of the rare qualities that endeared him to the hearts of Nigerians home and abroad. 

Little wonder he is on the bill of most major events in town, even beyond the shores of Nigeria. He’s an alumnus of the prestigious University of Lagos (UNILAG) where he studied English Language.  

Aristos Band: Aristos Band is a multiple award-winning live music band that has been serenading the local and international party scenes for many years. Led by the CEO, Sammy Sodeke, The band has consistently provided top notch entertainment to corporate bodies and social events, dishing out a totally unique and exciting party repertoire, with a unique musical experience.

They are the most versatile band in Nigeria; they cut across age, tribe and all stratas. Aristos Band can effortlessly satisfy any Nigerian tribe with superlative performance of their native songs.

Aristos Band is very flexible and adaptable, they can entertain in all music genres and keep the groove on at all occasions and events. Performing oldies from the 70s, 80s till the most current of tunes is definitely not a problem to this outstanding band. The Band leader and Band members give varieties in delivery and concepts like no other bands in Lagos. Aristos Band is The Life of The Party! 

BONIX Drinks: If you frequently attend parties across the South-West and beyond, then Bonix needs no introduction. It is a popular party drinks company that has been making waves for over three decades. The company was founded by a beautiful ebony-complexioned female entrepreneur called Bola Okolie. She has been rated the number one drinks vendor on the party scene.

Fruitie World: Adedokun Foluke is a fruit stylist that is a cynosure of all eyes at major events. As an exceptional entrepreneur, her creativity speaks volumes. Her expertise at her fruit craft has opened doors for her in the event industry as well as gained the attention of high-profile clientele from a business she became a master at.

Foluke, who is the CEO of Fruitie World, says her love and passion for eating healthy, especially fruits, made her venture into the fruit craft. She was the winner for the Award of Fruit Stylist and Smoothies of the year by the Association of Professional Party Planners and Event Managers (APPOEM). She was also a one-time winner of the City People Magazine’s best Fruit Dessert Stylist of the year.

K-Square Security: K-Square Multidimensional limited is a specialist event security and management consultancy that offers a range of security services and consulting to multi-national and Nigerian companies, government agencies and individuals. They provide security and protective services during special events such as: musical concerts, annual general meetings, corporate functions, sporting events etc.

At K-Square Multidimensional Limited, they continually strive to add to their clients’ bottom-line. Thus, their major obligation is to provide their clients with cost effective security and business solutions that suit their business and or operational needs.

This piece was contributed by Bayo Adetu, a versatile society & entertainment journalist with many years of experience. He can be reached via +234 805 507 3100