Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

Missing Politician Found Relaxing In Mistress’ Home 

The Politician, Mutta Rwakatare (R) And His Lover, Ms Matitu,

Missing Politician Found Relaxing In Mistress’ Home 

A Tanzania politician, Mutta Rwakatare, who was reported missing has been found relaxing in a woman’s house, according to Citizens Tanzania.

The family 43 years old Rwakatare, the Kawe ward councillor reported to Police he had not been seen since February this year.

In a statement released by the Dar es Salaam Special Zone RPC ACP Jumanne Muliro, said the politician was found at a certain woman’s house in the suburbs of Tabata in Ilala District.

“The Dar es Salaam Special Zone Police Force conducted an investigation and were able to locate the Councillor on the 23rd of May at the home of one Ashura Ally Matitu, 43,” reads the statement.

According to the police, Ms Matitu, who is a resident of Tabata Darajani, claimed that Rwakatare has been her longtime companion, in a relationship that spans over a decade.

She further narrated that Mr Rwakatare arrived at her home on May 19, in an intoxicated state and had stayed there until when he was found by the Police.

Rwakatare reportedly went missing since in February of this year, leading to social media concerns regarding his whereabouts.

Rwakatare siblings and colleagues have been involved in a frantic search for him with no avail, a disappointing situation that led Songoro Mnyonge, Kinondoni’s mayor, to request media houses to help in the search.

“We are looking for the Kawe ward councillor as we haven’t seen him for quite some time now. He is not at home neither is he in the office. Reports are saying that he has been hidden but we don’t know who. We are asking the one who has hidden him to release him as he/she is hindering the leader from serving his area residents. Media please help us,” Mnyonge had said.

The family had also provided background information to the police, detailing the Councillor’s behavioural patterns and conduct leading to him going missing for months. Treatment and further psychological therapies are being sought out.

Source: The Nation Newspaper