Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

NBA: Lawyers Seek Chairmanship Aspirant’s Disqualification Over Electoral Rules


NBA: Lawyers Seek Chairmanship Aspirant’s Disqualification Over Electoral Rules

As the Ikeja Branch of Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Lagos, set to conduct election for new adminstration, more petitions have been submitted to disqualify one of the chairmanship aspirants, Oluwaseyi Olawunmi, for breaching the electoral rules of the association.

Some of the concerned members who put forward the petition to the Electoral Committee urged the committee to be guided by NBA Unified Bye Law 2015 in determining the eligibility of all candidates.

The Ikeja Branch of NBA will be conducting election into its various offices by June 30.

One of the petitioners, Aikhegbe Bright Odianosen argued that Oluwaseyi Olawunmi is not qualified to run for office as he had earlier held two previous offices under different administration.

Odianosen pointed out that Section 6(3) of the NBA Unified Bye Law 2015 says that no member of the branch shall occupy the same office for more than two years one term; and any member who has held elective offices as a Branch Officer for two terms shall not be eligible to contest for a Branch office until at least five years after his/her last term of office.

He stressed that Oluwaseyi Olawunmi was the Social Secretary during the adminstration of Adebamigbe Omole 2010 to 2012 and General Secretary under the chairmanship of Yinka Farounbi 2014 to 2016 which makes him not to be eligible to contest.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Committee had disqualified the eligibility of Oluwaseyi Olawunmi on the grounds of no official records of payment for branch due in 2018 as at when due. And the purported receipt tendered by him is fishy as the signature on it is not that of the Financial Secretary of NBA Ikeja Branch as at the date of issuance.

In the interest of justice, the concerned stakeholders urged the committee not to be intimidated in the course of discharging it’s duties to uphold the rule of laws.