NGOs Task Students On Savings Culture For Financial Freedom

A non-governmental organisation, Junior Achievement (JA) Africa in collaboration with Prudence Foundation, have advised students to embrace good savings culture to live financially healthy life.

The JA Africa Chief Executive Officer, Mrs Simi Nwogugu, gave the advice at a financial literacy roadshow to commemorate the Global Money Week in Lagos.

The financial literacy roadshow was organized by JA Africa in collaboration with Prudence Foundation.

Global Money Week is celebrated in March, every year, to raise awareness for economic citizenship and to engage children and youths worldwide on the importance of financial literacy.

Financial literacy is one of the key focus areas of JA Africa, and The Cha-Ching Money Show, with Adanna and Emeka, the newest addition to the JA Africa’s proven financial literacy programme.

Nwogugu said that the theme for the Global Money Week was: “Plan Your Money, Plant Your Future.”

She said that the programme centred on the concepts earn, save, spend and donate to educate students on the need for financial freedom.

Nwogugu said that the NGO had exposed about 250 primary schools in Lagos to the concept of earn, save, spend and donate.

“The roadshow allowed the children in attendance to watch episodes of the series and engage with the show’s teen hosts, Adanna Okoli and Emeka Nwogugu.

“Alongside the show’s screening, the students got more insights on developing good financial habits from a panel discussion, with speakers including Arese Ugwu, an author and producer.

“Other speakers are Samson Akintaro, Tech Analyst, Nairametrics and Adesuwa Eworo, an architect and moderated by the hosts of the show,” she said.

Nwogugu reiterated the significance of organising the financial literacy roadshow and why young people should have financial literacy skills.

She encouraged the students to practice the key financial lessons they have learned.

Nwogugu also admonished them to dream big and pursue their dreams.

“Anything is possible, dream big dreams and work toward achieving them,” she said.

The keynote speaker, Arese Ugwu, stressed the need for self-awareness, as a potent strategy for earning.

Ugwu said that it was difficult for young people to thrive without identifying their passionate.

“For you to earn, you need to understand what your strengths are, do what you are good at.
“Ask yourself, what are the things that come naturally to me, and how can I hone these skills? Focus on things you are passionate about,” she said.

Ugwu noted that financial discipline was central to spending wisely and having a clear direction of where and how to spend your money.

“Money earned is not about spending only, you need to keep aside a certain proportion for savings. Do not spend before saving, save before spending,” she added.

The show reinforced the financial literacy concepts taught in the Cha-Ching cartoon, through wraparound sessions, with young teenage African host, Adanna Okoli and Emeka Nwogugu.

A new episode of the show is released weekly on Fridays at 5.00 p.m. GMT and 6.00 p.m. WAT on YouTube. The show airs in Nigeria every Saturday on OSBC, OGTV and LTV.