Our Client Is Not A Land Grabber, Ibile’s  Lawyer Tells Task Force, •Says He’s Ready For Investigation But Not Under Lagos CP, Task Force Boss

Lawyers to Honourable Saheed Audullahi Mosadoluwa, a.k.a. Ibile, the Managing Director of Harmony Gardens, has refuted claims by the Lagos State Task Force, that their client is a land grabber.

The lawyers led by Yakubu Eleto also said their client is ready and prepared to face investigation on allegations but not under the supervision of the Lagos State  Commissioner of Police and the State Chairman of Lagos State Task Force, CSP Sola Jejwloye.

The lawyers stated the above, in a reaction to some media reports, where the Task Force chairman labelled Honourable Mosadoluwa as notorious land grabber.

The lawyers in a statement with caption: “Re: Lagos Taskforce Arrests a Notorious Landgrabber: The Real Story And Who Is The Land Grabber; A Call On Mr Babajide Olushola Sanwo-olu To Beam His Searchlight On Land Matters Within The Epe And Ibeju-lekki Axis Of Lagos State,  issued on Monday and made available to this medium.

The statement reads in part: “We are Solicitors to Harmony Gardens and Estate Development Limited (‘the Company’) and Hon. Saheed Audullahi Mosadoluwa, the Managing Director of Harmony Gardens (hereinafter referred to as Our Client, who was maliciously arrested and charged to court on the 8th of October, 2023 after been detained for two days.  

“Our client has watched in utter dismay the various publications sponsored by some faceless individuals aligning the publication with the actions of CSP Jejeloye of the Lagos Taskforce, about a trump up charges relating to land grabbing activities, using of armed thugs to dehumanize and strip his victims naked, amongst others in the community.  

“We are forced to respond to some of the wild and unsubstantiated allegations, not in a bid to join issues with the sponsors of the satanic publication, but to set the records straight before undiscerning members of the public. The facts are straight forward: 

“Mr Saheed Audullahi Ibile is the Chairman of Harmony Gardens and Estate and members of the Board of Trustees of Some other Estates in Epe/Ibeju-Lekki Axis of Lagos State, Ibadan, Akure, Anuja amd some other places in Nigeria.  

“However there some people who are notorious land grabbers and dangerous land speculators conducting their businesses in Ibeju-Lekki area of Lagos State, by forcefully hijacking people’s property in the pretense of carrying out survey and in the presence of providing security for land owners when actually they are not licensed to carry out security activities.  

“To our utter dismay, the dreaded group of people mentioned above are now the new bride of CSP Shola Jejeloye (Chairman, Lagos State Taskforce). This fact is captured by several police reports, court summons, and civil writings exonerating Mr Saheed Ibile the Chairman of Hramony Gardens. 

“Mr Ibile was detained, victimize to hand over 100 acres of his company investment to Murphy Adebare Topaz, a front/land grabber working with Sola Jejeloye (Chairman Lagos State Task Force) on the instruction of CP Idowu Owohunwa (CP Lagos State) to negotiate for a case of dehumanizing of an hire assassin, who attempted and failed to assassinate him and which had led to frivolous petition in which Sola Jejeloye claiming to be investigating and frivolously charged our client to court to forcefully take over the property in which he has finally take over  with claims that he is working under Governor’s Instruction. 

“As at press time, Sola Jejeloye after frivolously charged Mr Saheed Ibile to court, he stormed the company and premises of the Mr Saheed Ibile with load of armed thugs and policemen in uniform claiming to be working under Governor’s Instruction, and maliciously damaged fence, loot the company equipment including 4 trucks, intimidate the staffs and forcefully handover procession of the company properties to his partner in land grabbing business Nola Adetola Idris of Itunu Veritasi Homes who is one of Jejeloye Marketers to resell his land grabbing proceed in Lagos State without Court Order or without cause. 

“We are stating categorically that any member of the public who buys land from Itunu or any of his agents are buying endless litigation.  

“The above stated information are verifiable, as It amounted to witch-hunting after interviewing both parties and later finding out that the Murphy Adebare and Ayo Alao petitions were fabricated lies orchestrated to hoodwink the Police into believing that our client defrauded him and rather than charging the Petitioner to court for giving false information to the Police, our client was thereafter detained, maliciously charged to court and his properties worth N18,000,000,000:00 (Eighteen Billion Naira) is currently being handling over to Jejeloye land grabbing marketers claiming to be working under GOVERNOR’S INSTRUCTION that his Excellency asked him  to give procession to Itunu without court order. 

“All the petitions bothers on matters already investigated by Force CID Abuja and the accused persons involved duly charged to court. It is outrageous that  Jejeloye is working with Commissioner of Police Lagos State are now seeking to revisit a case bothering on attempted murder of our clients and in act of self-defense is the Video circulating by Jejeloye to discredit our client because Mr. Shamsudeen Oluwo (A.K.A) Ese Olobo as a renowned hire Assassin engaged by Murphy Adebare to assassinate Ibile and he was overpowered with aid of estate security and handed over to the police pursue him and police has concluded the investigation Ese Olobo.

“The video now been paraded was how Ibile arrested the Hire Assassin and handed him over to the police in which he confessed to the crime and charge to court. Attached is the police investigation report dated 12th July,2023, and legal advice dated 14th July,2023 mark as Annexure B. 

“Our client is fully ready to be investigated but not by CSP Jejeloye and the CP Idowu, because their involvement in all this act of victimization and as all we have been seen as vengeance to punish, incarcerate and indict our Client for he had sometimes written a petition that misled the current IGP while he was the DIG to order this same Jejeloye to vacate the company’s property that Sunday Olabayo ( a.k.a Ese-Olobo) and Adebare Murphy (a.k.a Topaz) who blood relation of CP Idowu Ohunwa from Kaaba who have been using CSP Jejeloye of Lagos State Task Force to forcefully take over after final investigation.

“This is the 5th times that CP Lagos State and the Chairman Lagos State Task Force had tried to Hijack our client properties for Itunu and Topaz by way of brutally assaulting, malicious damaging our investigation CofO with a claims that Idris Nola Veritasi and Adebare Murphy (a.k.a Topaz) have used the frivolous petition they are claiming signed by the IGP to frivolous charge and hijack properties of Harmony Gardens and Estate Development Limited worth N18 Billion, for Nola and Murphy Adebare to continue using the land to defraud innocent buyers while they are using Task Force and Mobile police carrying the SEAL of LASG to rush fencing the properties as usual for their cronies, as we are taking they are currently fencing our clients properties with Task Force of Lagos State while they are trying to revisit others cases already concluded against our client. 

“For final clarity, the Commissioner of police while he was the PSO had investigated cases involving Mr Saheed Ibile and he had always been against him, example of it was that of Mrs Adeyinka Igbinoba and same matter was thoroughly investigated by Force CID Abuja with Police Investigation Report issued. The matter is presently in court and our client was taking aback that same matters are being used against him by the Commissioner of Police Lagos state.

“Sir, it is highly unlikely that the Lagos State Government or Nigeria Police Force to station contingents of Policemen from Lagos State Task Force on our client property at Abomiti, Eyin-Osa without a warrant of procession from court on the order of the Sola Jejeloye of Task Force. 

“Lastly it has clearly shown that the Commissioner of Police Lagos State and CSP Jeyeloye (Lagos State Task Force) are interested parties in the present matter and they cannot be judges in their own cause! 

“We are compassionately calling on the Executive Governor of Lagos State to come to the aid of the people of Epe, Lagos State by safeguarding the Epe Environs from Land grabbers hiding under some policemen who are into land grabbing. Attached is the protest letter to the AG and also our root title, deed of assignment from genuine owners who sold to our company and our governor’s consent.

“In addition to the foregoing, CSP Jejeloye and CP Lagos and their unseen sponsors, are presently supervising illegal demolition of our clients property and the worst of it is that they are allowing his opponents to continue construction on our client’s property without Court Order or without cause and have also commenced sales of our client’s property to innocent members of the public without Court Order with the supervision of CSP Jejeloye and CP Lagos State.

“Contrary to the publications in Online Newspaper media, Sunday, October 15, 2023, wherein it was published inter alia that Mr Saheed Ibile of Harmony Gardens, is a land grabber but the sponsors of the publication never stated clearly that CSP Jejeleoye and CP Lagos are presently forcefully putting the opponents of Mr Saheed Ibile to possession by demolishing Mr Saheed’s properties and allowing Itunu and Topaz to continue to construct without cause and with the presence that they are acting under the instruction of the Governor.”

Where Is The Morality And What Is The Justification?  

“Is Jejeloye re-probating and approbating at the same time? Dismantling a land grabber to empower another land grabber with force, using vigilantes and the Police Force, it can be deduced from the detailed explanation above that the said publications by busy bodies are false and baseless.  

“Shola Jejeloye had been going about parading himself as carrying out the instruction of the Executive Governor of Lagos State and is supervising land grabbing with Lagos State Government Logo and Police uniform by assisting his bedfellows. 

“Contrary to media reports, Mr Saheed Ibile is not a land grabber. What is happening is nothing but calculated attempt by some vested interest to disposes Mr Saheed Ibile of his property using Shola Jejeloye of Lagos State Taskforce.  

The actions of CSP Shola Jejeloye, are misguided, misconceived, and are borne out of vendetta. These acts are done in bad faith and we therefore call on the general public to discountenance it entirely.”