Ponzi Scheme Operators ‘Flee’ With Investors Funds

Chief Dania Esq

The operator of a Ponzi scheme company, Admofuty Nigeria Enterprises, have disappeared into thin air, after they allegedly defrauded hundered of unsuspecting investors of their hard earned money, under the pretence of multiple return on investment.

The said Ponzi scheme operators’ office is located at located at 21, Wowo Street, Of Tolu Road, Ajegunle, Ajegunle-Apapa, Lagos.

Some of the investors who visited the operators’ office with the hope of receiving the loans they were promised after pay 10 percent of the intending loan, were shocked to the marrow, when they met the office locked with no one to attend to them, while the two phone numbers; 09021097921 and 08143792501, have been switched off.

Meanwhile a human rights lawyer, Chief Abdullai Tony Dania, have called on Nigerians to be wary of firms that promised to give multiple returns on investment, but ended up defrauding their intending and unsuspecting investors.

Chief Dania gave the advice, after he escaped from the fleeing Ponzi scheme operators’ bait, who promised to give him N10 million, but with the condition that he must pay the N1 million, 10 percent of the loan fund, as deposit.

Chief Dania said he became aware of the company, through one of his sisters, who told him about their activities.

The senior lawyer said after all arrangements had been concluded for him to received the money as agreed, the company’s officials stopped picking his calls, and they became invisible.

Chief Dania, therefore counselled intending investors, to be wary and desist from dealing with any company or financial houses that promised return on investment, saying that such companies are out to ‘devour’ and defraud them.

Below are the correspondences between the company and the lawyer.

Re: APPLICATION LOAN Dear Chief Tony Dania 

We are in receipt of your application form requesting for N5,000,000.00 x 2 = N10, 000,000.00. Sequel to the verification done by one of our team confirmed you to qualify for the loan in respect of the businesses you are into. 

Pls. Reconfirm your acct details here:  Bank Name: Zenith bank,  Acct no.: 1006785933  Acct name: Abdullai Tony Dania 

Also confirm to us your deposit of 10% savings/Commitment (1Million Naira) to enable us perfect you loan of (Ten Million Naira) into your account on Friday 8th September, 2023. 

Our details are as follows:  Kuda Microfinance Bank  Acct No.: 3000848207  Acct Name; Admofuty Nig. Enterprises 

Chief Dania’s Response:


Reference to the Above. Thank you, sir.  I want some clarification, please. I have not seen or signed an agreement stating the terms of the loan. I have not opened any Account with you or your company or your bank. I did not know, ab initio, that I will pay any equity for this loan, and I don’t know why I should pay a 10% equity of the N10 Million loan to your Kuda Account; Whereas, there is nothing, practically and realistically on ground to show that I will get the N10 million loan, even if I pay the N1 million to your Kuda Account as demanded, because you stated that you need N1 million to “enable us to perfect your loan of (Ten Million Naira) into your account on Friday the 8th of September, 2023”. 

The telephone number on your letter headed paper, has two Tel Nos. one for Mr. Johnson Ade, and the 2nd one is for Mr. David, yet Mr. Johnson and David were supposed to be Administrative staff.

Your letter under reference was a “Scanned” copy which was forwarded to me via WhatsApp. I am very sorry, but I need some further clarification. 

You have confirmed that Iam qualified for the N10 million, why are you asking me to pay NI Million before you release the N10 Million?

Well I am no longer comfortable with your company and the arrangement for the loan. 

Accept my warmest regards. 

Thank you sir.

Further to the above correspondences, were WhatsApp chats between the operator and the lawyer: Admofuty: I thought your sister has explained to you about the processing and how we operate. If I understand you very well sir, u said u are not comfortable with the processing.

Chief Dania; Yes Sir, I am very scared now

Admofuty; Gd afternoon sir. No, no, sir let your mind be at rest sir. U know what, for u to be convinced, I will do all it takes to get it to your acct on Friday, but that savings I will deduct it from the loan you applied for, that means I will be coming on that Friday to collect the savings from you after your account has been credited. I will also come with the agreement for you to sign

Chief Dania: Oga, your no is off. I didn’t see you again. I will send my staff to ur office now. Sir I don’t use to do this favor, but I will do it for you, I just pick interest in you the first day I saw you, which I belief you will not disappoint me.