Real Estate Promoter, Dennis Isong Bags ‘Prestige Excellence Award’, Twice As Much In 2022

It was such a moment to revel on November 27, 2022, when Dennis Isong was awarded with ‘the Prestige Excellence Award’ for being an innovative, resourceful, outstanding, and reliable real estate investment advisor and coach of the year 2022.

The Prestige Excellence Award, which is the 6th edition in the 2022 series, is established to give cognizance, honor, and appreciation to deserving individuals like Dennis Isong, who have written their names on gold in Nigeria through initiative, hard work, and distinguished impact. 

It will be recall that on September 18, 2022, Dennis bagged an award as the top-selling realtor in Amen Estate which was presented by one of the top celebrities in Nigeria which is Funke Akindele.

What does this tell us? It shows that Dennis Isong knows his onions, and worked hard to be an achiever, and not only that, a person of great value and someone to reckon with as a realtor in Nigeria.

Dennis has worked with so many Nigerians in diaspora to the extent that, gradually, the sour tale of buying a property in Nigeria is becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to Dennis Isong for that.

Dennis is a realtor based in Lagos and deals with the purchase and sale of properties and also property education and enlightenment. He doesn’t sell properties alone. He also helps investors, and Nigerians in diaspora manage and resell properties. 

Apart from all these, Dennis Isong offers free consultation services to anyone who wishes to invest but is hesitant and confused.

Just about a year after he launched the real estate business as a realtor in Lagos, he discovered that a whole lot of people carry on with wrong information and perception of real estate, so, this has made many people fall into the wrong hands, making mistakes and losing so much money. 

Dennis Isong is salvaging the situation by coming up with property education and enlightenment. That is why if you type Dennis Isong on your search engine, you will find hundreds of articles written by him.

In this situation, individual enlightenment cannot achieve anything or go far like thousands of people coming across his articles via the internet which can reach a larger audience; both people in Nigeria presently and also, Nigerians in diaspora. 

Dennis Isong has a registered real estate company(True Asset Limited) and a website  by the name LandProperty.NG which you can find on google. He has been running the real estate business for several years now. has a track record of excellence with lots of testimonials which he is always willing to share with people in Nigeria and Nigerians in diaspora. 

For Nigerians in diaspora who might be bothered about documentation, Dennis Isong can help you with that and get it across to you, so, you shouldn’t worry about that. 

Dennis Isong has done a lot in the real estate industry in Nigeria. You should expect a book from him soon that enlightens you further and broadens your scope concerning real estate in Nigeria and most especially, real estate in Lagos.

Dennis Isong is a national treasure; you should sleep peacefully when he assures you of any property.

Before I go, have you subscribed to his newsletter https://LandProperty.NG/free; WhatsApp or Call Dennis Isong on 2348164741041,2348028667565