Stop Blaming Pres. Buhari -Lawyer Counsels Nigerian Youths

Comrade Lekan Alabi

Stop Blaming Pres. Buhari -Lawyer Counsels Nigerian Youths 

A Nigeria leading Human Rights activist, Comrade Lekan Alabi, has advised the Nigerian youths to desist from posting further blames on the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, president Muhamadu Buhari whom he referred to as an old man that should ordinarily be under proper care and not to have been subjected to the present stress he is experiencing in Nigeria.

Alabi, who is also a legal practitioner, made this statement recently at the monthly general meeting of members of Human Rights Monitoring Agenda (HURMA) chaired by the Executive Director of the group Comrade Buna Olaitan Isiak and held in Lagos on Saturday.

The activist, who is also the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the leading mass based rights movement in the country, while addressing issues on state of the nation, stressed that the political consciousness of the youths in any political space would determine the success of the entire people.

“The present government should not be blamed for what the entire citizens are going through, rather we should blame the youths who willingly yielded the political space to some fragile people in their old age like President Muhamadu Buhari.

“The youth has all that it takes to liberate the nation from the present crises ranging from economic to security.

“If Muhamadu Buhari were to be your father or grandfather, would you have allowed him to face all these burdens. How can you keep your own father or grandfather of Buhari’s age in a place for proper care and now be troubling a Buhari with a task he could not achieve, even at his youthful age.
“The Human Rights Monitoring Agenda as a mass based movement should encourage the youths that forms the larger membership strength, to come together as one, and devoid of religion and ethnicity to liberate the entire nation from its present state”.

Alabi who expressed a deep concern on the cost of living of the citizens and demands a move to protect Nigerian pensioners from the proposed move by the Federal government to borrow from the pension saving.

“The developed world no longer think of what to eat. But in Nigeria, even the pension scheme of those that have served the nation is no longer save.

“We must therefore rise to resist the recent move by the federal government to borrow from the pension scheme”, he stated.