Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023

The Economics of BBNaija 2020, By Oluwatobiloba Onabanjo

Oluwatobiloba Onabanjo

The Economics Of BBNaija2020 

The recently concluded Big Brother Naija (bbn2020) has again brought out some truth about proactive, visionary and positive thinking way of money making.

While some people condemned BBN as some kind of advertising immorality among our youths, some say  it promotes unity and it is a form of entertainment. 

I am not for or against BBN. But my focus is the mega buck the organizers made from the show.

In selecting the winner, the organizers ask people to vote through a test message. You can vote as many times as possible. Each vote cost N30.

It was recorded that they got 30million total vote. At N30 per vote, it translates to a whopping N900m!

This is not to talk about income from increased subscription, purchase of airtime etc.

The organizers kept the housemates for weeks, feed them etc. The winner takes total sum of N80m.

My brother do the maths, I beg. So, while some are condemning an act, some people are smiling to the bank.

Ours is a population driven economy and that is why it is largest economy in Africa.My people, I beg shine your eyes.

Oluwatobiloba Onabanjo, a Nigeria-Born Charted Accountant Based in USA, He can be reached via-: