“We All Must Take Charge” -Aarebirin Hon. Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba

“We All Must Take Charge”  -Aarebirin Hon. Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba

The National Deputy Chairman, Association of Local Government Vice Chairmen of Nigeria (ALGOVC), Aarebirin Hon. Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba, has called on all Nigerians to take charge of their families especially the children as the future is now.

Olabanji-Oba, who is the current Vice Chairman, Ikorodu Local Government Area, Lagos state, stated this during the Association’s 4th Annual National Conference in Abuja recently. 

“The job of the government is to ensure things are put in the right perspective. It also behoves on all of us to look out for one another. In order words, we all must take charge. 

“There are so many things that are involved right from the homestead -family, parenting and of course the children. Some of them are out of school. We must think about the future of this great country,” she emphasized.

Aarebirin Hon. Princess Folashade, further explained that “if you don’t take care of today, there’s no magic that’s going to happen tomorrow. So, today matters a lot to us and we must do everything possible to make sure that we prioritize our resources. 

“It’s revolving. The economy after going through the pandemic, is still wobblying. The only alternative is for us to be more aggressive in catching up. We’ve lost so much ground last year as a result of Covid-19, which took us by surprise. Now that we are here, we must be more accountable, more responsive and more responsible in our communities.”

On the devolution of power as the only way out, the National Deputy Chairman, ALGOVC said: “As Vice Chairmen, it’s a collective effort at all levels, and we are definitely leveraging on that as matters are unfolding,” she reiterated.