Which Would You Choose; Cryptocurrency Or Real Estate? By Dennis Isong

The most common investments that can fetch you a lot are Cryptocurrency and Real estate. So, when you mention investment, these are the two that easily come to mind. 

Over the years, both have proven to be worthy choices, meanwhile, this is not to say that each doesn’t have advantages and disadvantages. However, if you are perplexed about where to put your money, you may seek the assistance of your financial advisor.

Let’s Talk About Real Estate.  What Is Real Estate Investment? Real estate investment is the purchase, management, and sale or rental of real estate with the intent to make a profit whether immediately or in the long run. 
Real estate has a great track record of price appreciation in 2022.

PROS OF REAL ESTATESteady Cash Flow-: If you deal with rental or land flipping, you should be smiling to the bank all the time because you keep having cash flow all round year.

– Long-term Security -: Real estate promises safety for a long time. If you bought your property from a reputable company and your property is not built in a way that may obstruct future development, hence, demolishing, then you should rest assured of long-term security.

– Protection Against Inflation-: This is not a big concern to you. Once your property is working for you, then, the effects of inflation on you are highly minimal.

– Appreciation-: Property hardly depreciates. As the year goes by, it keeps appreciating and whatever decision, in terms of reselling the property is such a profitable one at the end of the day.

CONS OF REAL ESTATE–  – High Maintenance-: Building a structure is not as expensive as maintaining it. You could spend a fortune on maintenance especially if a part of the house is not properly fixed, for instance, the plumbing aspect.

– Capital Insensitive -: Real estate requires a whole lot of money, so you have to be financially ready before you begin.

What Is Cryptocurrency Investment?Cryptocurrency, which has bitcoin as the most famous investment option. It is backed by blockchain technology, bitcoin is touted as an immutable currency. These digital currencies act as a medium of exchange globally as an alternative to money. The cryptocurrency had its tremendous run in 2021, with bitcoin hitting all-time highs of around $68, 000 in November, bitcoin is indeed the attention it deserves.

As more people set their eyes on digital assets as another possible investment, their popularity might grow further. 

Moreover, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, have a lower entry barrier when compared to Real Estate. 

This allows the average investor who does not have a lot of capital to spare to start his investment journey.

Cryptocurrency is relatively new, there’s not enough data to calculate its value. As recent price fluctuations show, the market is volatile. 

In a twinkle of an eye, you could lose everything and go back to square zero. However, if you are willing to take the risk, you might be lucky.

Pros Of Investing InCRYPTOCURRENCYTransactional Freedom-: You are free to do anything without waiting for documents to seek the approval of the government.

– Easy Trading -:If you know your way around it, you can sit in the comfort of your home to trade.

– Low Maintenance -: Unlike having structures to maintain, cryptocurrency does not require any sort of maintenance. Technically, your investment is virtual.

Cons Of Investing In Cryptocurrency-  Not A Tangible Asset-: Just like I said with the pros of cryptocurrency, it is a virtual investment and not an investment you can heavily depend on.

– Security Issues-: Anything can happen. Your account can be hacked and you end up losing everything.

Little Or No Government Involvement-: When the government is not involved in a certain sector, it is dangerous. This means, it has no law guiding it, so, whatever happens, you are solely responsible to bear the loss.

– High Risk-: There’s no certainty of what would happen in the next few minutes. It’s in two ways, “win big or lose flat out.”

Real Estate Vs Cryptocurrency; Which Investment Is Better?
Choosing which of them is better depends on how vast your knowledge is, and the risk you are willing to take. Cryptocurrency is of low maintenance but highly risky while real estate will cost a fortune but of very low risk. 

Just like they say now, “choose a struggle.”

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