Why Nigerians Should Embrace Mobile Digital LED Board -By Blekins Nig. Ltd’s CEO

Akinfolarin B. Akinmadewa, CEO of Blekins Nigeria Limited 

Why Nigerians Should Embrace Mobile Digital LED Board -By Blekins Nig. Ltd’s CEO

Nigerians, especially, the outdoor advertisers, have been charged to embrace mobile Digital LED boards, as the best means of reaching a wider audience.

Mr. Akinfolarin B. Akinmadewa, the Chief Executive Officer of Blekins Nigeria Limited (BNL), an Outdoor advertising firm, gave the advice, saying that the new communication and advertising tool which has revolutionalised advertising market in Nigeria. 

Akinmadewa made above assertion in a statement he personally signed and made available to this medium, saying that: “messages, products, brands, draft activities, sales shows, sport events, concerts and much more can now be displayed on its newly acquired mobile digital LED boards”. 
Outlining some of the advantages that the mobile Digital LED boards has over the “Static billboards”, Akinmadewa said that “it saves time, money and it’s not restricted by geographical location. 

“Other advantages of BNL’s Mobil digital LED board is its ability to drive publicity in streets, traffic jams, alleys and  communities.

“It’s good visual effects leaves a lasting impression on consumers and it’s instant information change does not need to be disassemble and installed like the conventional static bill boards.

“BNL mobile digital LED boards create opportunities for interaction with customers in real time.

“Blekins NG Limited is using this new trend of mobile digital LED boards to offer breakthrough solutions for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises as well as more market marginalization for corporate organizations. Unlike the static LED boards that are fixated in one location, the mobile digital LED board is a cutting edge product that when used can maximize profit.

“It is also known that it is not every route you can mount a static billboard as it’s restricted to same highways and the cost of constructing them and getting approval from the Ministry of Environment, LASAA, FERMA and other regulatory agencies is a bit cumbersome”. 

On why B Nigeria Limited’s mobile Digital LED Board’s innovation should be embraced by every advertisers, Akinmadewa said that ‘survey conducted by our firm shows that 70 percent of Consumers spend their day away from home while about 90 percent of the people who read and watch mobile digital LED boards recall what they read  and watch. 

“Blekins in Lagos will deliver over 500,000,000 impressions per week. That’s over 101, billion views a week. Available statistics shows that an average Lagosian travels over 30 miles a day and is caught in a traffic jam. 

“With a billboard advertising every quarter mile, there is ever 100 chances to catch the attention of each commuter daily. For every N5,000 spent on Blekins NG advertising business, see an average profit of N15.000”. 

On how to meet the demands of prospective advertisers, Blekins NG boss said his firm is into partnership with a Multimedia giant, Power house Multimedia, for technical backing and support.

Blekins NG Boss, Akinmadewa also said that “the mobile digital Led Board for advertising is outdoor’s new advertising media device and it is also in line with the 21st century energy-saving environmental protection features”.