Young Surveyors Charged on Professionalism

Surveyor Adedapo Fashina (MNIS)

Young surveyors aiming to reach the pinnacle of their carrier have been advised to always have at their fingertips the ethics of the profession.

They are also advised to be vast and abreast themselves with the new technology and knowledge that have come into the profession, which were described as the survey’s backbone.

The above counsel was given by Surveyor Adedapo Fashina, a member of Nigeria Institute of Surveyors, at the recently held annual conference of Young Surveyors Network (YSN) Nigeria, Lagos branch.

Surveyor Fashina, who is the Principal Partner at Arpenture Consultants Limited, in his keynote speech at the event listed technology and knowledge, which he said created enabling environment that allows surveyors to perform their tasks efficiently and make them relevant.

Surv. Fashina

Speaking on the conference’s theme: “Shaping Tomorrow’s Surveying Community”, Surveyor Fashina said: “the knowledge we have, and our ethics, makes us the professionals, that we are, while technology makes us perform our tasks.

“I emphasized technology and knowledge because I believe they are key ingredients that makes our profession, and our community.

” It is already an established fact that technology brings opportunities, which in turn comes with their challenges. I believe that the biggest challenge needs the most innovative thinking and innovative thinking needs diversity of thought. I also believe that knowledge sharing is better for our community and should be encouraged.”

On the need for young surveyors to adapt with the new trends in the profession, the keynote speaker also states “technological changes are happening faster than ever. With the current momentum. It is no-brainer to expect that they will continue even faster in the future. As a community, we need to respond to the challenges that they bring for the survival of our profession.

“We need to, so that we can deliver confidence to our clients, the government, and the public at large.
The surveying community needs to create, adapt, and adopt technologies and accept its evolutions.”

He also charged the young Surveyors to desist from act of knowledge hoarding but to always engaged in knowledge sharing with one another, saying that “there is higher chances of coming up with an innovative solution”.

On mentorship, Surveyor Fashina advised the YSN members to consider having several mentors by stating that “when it comes to having a mentoring, there is no “one and only”. You can gain more valuable outlook by triangulating advice from multiple mentors”.