Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

OGWAMA Assures Ogun Residents Of Clean Environment, Harps On Wastes Bagging, Containerization

Mr. Oresanya, OGWAMA’s MD/CEO

OGWAMA Assures Ogun Residents Of Clean Environment, Harps On Wastes Bagging, Containerization

The Ogun State Waste Management Authority (OGWAMA) has assured residents of the State of clean and tidy environment despite the huge operational cost arising from unexpected hike in diesel pump price.

Mr. Ola Oresanya, OGWAMA’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Special Adviser to the Governor on Environment, gave the assurance after monitoring the June edition of the Monthly Environmental in Abeokuta.

Oresanya who commended residents for their impressive participation in the exercise affirmed OGWAMA’s determination to bequeath a clean environment to the residents through proper waste management counselled  residents always bag and containerize their wastes for easy collection by the Waste Managers,the PSP assigned to their areas.

An OGWAMA’s Compactor & Waste Bin Awaiting Refuse Evacuation

Oresanya also noted that the last two months have been challenging for the Authority due to the unexpected rise in pump price of diesel which led to hike in operational cost of the Authority and that of the PSP and the  challenges at Saje Dumpsite in Abeokuta said the capital city is now clean due to  Day and Night Operations Gangs established to tackle the challenges.

With the capital city, Abeokuta now clean, Oresanya therefore urged  residents to stop dumping wastes indiscriminately but bag and containerize them for easy collection by PSP at their doorstep.

While announcing that Medium Yellow Iron Waste Bins have been placed in strategic and traditional areas in Abeokuta that  cannot be easily accessed by waste collection vechicles-which are Compactors,he counselled residents of these  areas to make use of the bins instead of dumping on medians and roadsides.

Oresanya who harped on negative and health implications of improperly bagged and containerized wastes called on  residents of the state in general to join hands with OGWAMA to achieve its aim of  bequeathing a cleaner environment to the people of the state now and in distant future.

For the recalcitrant ones, Oresanya revealed that the Compliant and Enforcement Department of the Authority is fully empowered to enforce the State Environmental Laws, adding that those who ran foul of laws will be make to face various forms of community services.