How The Fall Of DCP Kyari Was Predicted 2 Years Ago

DCP Abba Kyari And Hushpuppi

How The Fall Of DCP Kyari Was Predicted 2 Years Ago

The following piece, written on 5 April, 2019, predicted that the suspended DCP Abba Kyari, who loves media glitz, would run into trouble. He is right now in trouble after the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) linked him in financial deals with the cross continental fraudster, Habas Huspuppi.

The piece was written by Odolaye Aremu, a public affairs analyst.

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The Acting Police
By Odolaye Aremu

That Abba Kyari, unfortunately is another one of our local cops still stuck in a ‘Benbella’ dream. Hard to think of him as a brilliant cop other than the fact that he seems to enjoy playing cop. And he’s bent on starring in his own real life cop thriller soon as he garners enough followership on Twitter or Facebook and big time sponsors to bankroll the big budget production.

If he were any smarter, he ought to be aware that the Nigerian Police Force in which he’s presently enjoying top-billing, is a semi-efficient unit running smoothly on greed, envy, jealousy, godfatherism, cabalism and in some crazy cases: friendly-fires or even accidental discharges.

Even Alozie Ogbugbuaja, once one of the smartest officers ever enlisted in the Force in recent times couldn’t successfully wade through the forces within the Force. And Kyari is not Alozie, and by God he can never be Alozie.

A few months ago his real constituency graced his birthday party and he delighted himself in making a public case for ‘community-inclusion.’ 

Amazingly this law enforcer saw nothing wrong in his unusual camaraderie with the characters from the Oshodi underworld.

His professional life has suddenly devolved into role-playing since he found worldwide fame on social media. And his arrogance, of course has grown majestic wings and can be seen flying all the way from the Force Hq through to Nollywood.
This incredibly obtuse dude is even more daring than the fictional Detective Alonzo Harris, as played by Denzel Washington in the 2001 blockbuster ‘Training Day.’ Remember the line: “King Kong Ain’t Got Shit On Me!”

Alonzo eventually fucked up in Los Angeles. I hope Abba Kyari will not eventually fuck himself up too in the NPF.

Ikún ń’jọ̀gẹ̀dẹ̀, ikún n’rèdí, Ikún ó fura wípé inú pálọ̀ ikú lò’uń wà t’oun tí nfi banana jẹ last supper.

Source-: TheNews