Middle Income Earners To Own Houses in Dignity With CCBNaija Reality TV Show

Celebrities At The Construction Site, Getting Set To Build 

Middle Income Earners To Own Houses in Dignity With CCBNaija Reality TV Show

In Nigeria as in other African countries, housing is a necessity and, yet, in short supply as both federal and state governments are not doing much to meet the nation’s housing need. For both the privileged public servants and their private sector and self-employed counterparts, secure, affordable housing is crucial for survival and actualisation of national economic infrastructure.

As a result, high cost of housing also restricts people’s ability to invest and save for one, especially as the exorbitant cost of borrowing shuts this class of citizens from the banks. And shelter is necessary for survival being one of the most basic needs of man. It protects one from severe conditions, such as extreme heat, cold, wind and rain. It is also where you store your water, food and essential equipment. If you are fatigued, hungry, and low on energy, attacked by rain and wind, you must have a shelter to retire else you become a candidate for frequent before health issues.

One Of The Celebrities, Ruggedman, Carrying Hand-pan of Sand At The Construction Site

To contribute towards reducing the lingering housing deficit and help less privileged Nigerians own a house, Nigerians are invited to invest in the Celebrity Come Build RealityTV Show (watch episodes @CCBNAIJA YouTube Channel on www.youtube.com).

Theresa Moses, Media Co-ordinator to the Show states that “It is a unique and first-of-its-kind event where 12 celebrities across Africa are on a construction site sweating and toiling with their hands soiled as they carry head-pans of mixed sand, cement and concrete to build two units of 3-bedroom bungalow. This is the fastest and easiest way to help millions actualize their dream for homeownership.

“As a matter of policy and commitment to corporate social responsibility, the profit from the show is designed to kick-start social-housing programmes for the benefit of low and middle income earners in dignity.

“You can become a partner in this noble project by becoming a Sponsor or Investor who may want to domesticate its production in local TV channels and/or pitch it to any of the leading multinational advertising agencies that may want to use its format as an innovative brand promotion platform for businesses – ranging from mortgage financing to housing, building material manufacturers or distributors – to governments and social entrepreneurs that may want to use an entertainment asset like CCB to raise large pools of social-housing funds”.

CCBNaija according to the media Coordinator, is a show that tells our story, promises affordable housing to Nigerians at home and in the diaspora and the ultimate winner of the show gets N120 million, inclusive of a 5-Bedroom Duplex in Lekki, Lagos, all-expense paid trip to Dubai, and more. One of the voters will win a 3-bedroom bungalow.

“Let’s invest in the construction sector in providing shelter. Shelter provides shade from sweltering sun, from icy, cold winds and low temperatures even as it keeps you safe and dry from rain, hides you from nearby predators, and more. A shelter is an excellent place to rest and replenish lost energy. Several hours of good, protected sleep can make all the difference. A shelter can also improve your morale and give a sense of order and focus, amidst whatever circumstances you’re facing. Support this project and help Nigerians secure affordable housing. For sponsorship and advert placement, call: +2348055527946 or 08080806686”, She appealed.